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Three Christmas Trees in the Living Room

Happy Monday, Friend!! I hope you had a great weekend and this week starts out well for you. I've been so busy over here with all things Christmas. I may have over extended myself this year a little bit but we're surviving. I am finishing up decorating my house in my down time and thought I'd share some progress! This year I wanted something way different than any other set up I've done...
Normally I have my one tree I put right in the center but that tree is hard to decorate. It's beautiful. I love it so much and I'm using it somewhere else in my house this year but it's one of those trees that looks very real. Has a wood log in the center of it with very wirey branches. It's supposed to just be a bare tree and because of that, there's not many places to hang ornaments off of. At the end of the season last year I grabbed the center flocked pencil tree at Walmart on major sale and decided I wanted to do two more on either side this year. I snagged THESE from Amazon and got to decorating! I love how it looks pulling up to my house with the lights shining out all three windows. 

I decorated the center tree with some sprigs I got from the dollar tree, my same pictures I used last year, (you can read about that HERE) and some vintage horns and bells I had. The side trees got some big pretty ornaments I've had forever and just some florals I've grabbed from all over the last few years. I love how eclectic and sparkly they turned out.

Flocked trees are my favorite. I feel  like they just look fuller. I'm super happy with how this turned out. I actually elevated the center one a bit on an old suitcase I had and covered the bottoms of the trees with table cloths that were my grandmothers. Worked out perfect!

What do you think of the three trees?? Would you try this or is it too much for you?? Let me know on Facebook and Instagram! 

Thank you as always for stopping by. I'll be sharing some more of my Christmas decor over the next few weeks but until then, have a lovely week!!

Center Tree: HERE
Two Outside Trees: HERE
Coffee Table: HERE
Chandelier: HERE 
Green Velvet Pillow Case: HERE
Maroon Velvet Pillow Case HERE
Tree Decor: Already had florals are mostly Michaels and the Dollar Tree
Rug: Homegoods
Zebra Rug: At Home Stores
Tree Skirts: Table Cloths

See how I made my roman shades HERE
How I put the frames on my tree HERE

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