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My Parent's Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

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EEEEEK This has been such a long time coming. I remember making an inspiration sheet for my parent's kitchen a long time ago because I've had dreams of making over this kitchen for YEARS!! My dad finally decided to pull the trigger and replace the countertops. Which turned into a whole makeover because, well, I'm his daughter...

My parent's have had the same kitchen cabinets and counters (and everything else in the kitchen besides the floor tile) since before I was born. They built their house in the 80's and apparently don't like change... Years ago my mom had an interior designer come in and do some work in their house. She did every single room except for the kitchen. The designer's work is still relevant in my opinion. It still looks beautiful. I've been going through over time updating small things here and there but for the most part, it still is beautiful. They get their inspiration for their home from New Mexico. They love the vibes there and so do I. It's very warm tone, Southwestern, earthy feeling and I'm so in love with it. My dad FINALLY said to me "let's replace the countertops" and asked me to help him out. In my world, you can't just replace the counter tops and leave it so we spiraled into a whole kitchen makeover. This is something I've been wanting to do for so so long so I'm way too overly excited about this. Here is some pictures of how their kitchen looks now. Get your blinder goggles on, friends. It's a bright one. 

Definitely has potential. The counter tops GOTTA GO!!!!!! Can you guess my dad's favorite color?! *eyeroll* 

The cabinets are still in beautiful shape and are a nice shade of wood. We also updated the hardware on them with black handles a few years back so we will not be touching the cabinets. 

Here's the TO DO list:

//Remove backsplash
//Replace countertops
//Cut out for apron front sink
//Replace backsplash
//Paint the walls
//Paint the track lighting 

Here are some more befores...

It has lots of potential and it's in great shape. Just needs some updating is all! I'm so excited to get started on it. The granite is about 10 weeks out so we have some prep work to do before then. We have to remove the backsplash before they install the granite, find a sink to fit, and order all the supplies. Here is the inspiration sheet I made for the kitchen.

Black wood and gold kitchen

modern neutral kitchen

Looking around the rest of their house, they have lots of warm earthy tones with pops of red, green and blue. Making sure I bring all of that into the kitchen,  I wanted to keep the wood cabinets and decided to go with black granite (Black Pearl). Yes, it's a darker kitchen because there's no direct natural light, but after the walls are painted and the backsplash is in, it will brighten it up beautifully. The paint color I chose is the same color that's throughout my house. It's Sherwin Williams Anew Gray. My favorite beige with a hint of gray. Tried and true and goes with everything. I chose this backsplash because it mimics the aztec shape that's seen all over the Southwest. I wanted a creamy white tile that would stay classic, not too trendy. I think this one is perfect. It's simple but unique and I fell in love when I saw it. I love mixing metals and elements and I wanted to make a big impact with the faucet. They don't have a window over their sink so I can go with something taller and make a statement with this gold and black industrial faucet. It's going to look so beautiful with the white tile behind it. CANT WAIT. Last, I'm going to accessorize with wood, leather, black and pops of gold and some green to tie it all together.

modern earthy kitchen

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I'm seriously so excited that my dad is letting me have free reign of this. My parents have always been so supportive about my passion for interior design and this is just such a big honor to be able to do with them. I'll be sharing it all in my stories on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to watch the process there and check back here for the final result!! EEEEEEK!!!

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