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DIY Large Photos Over my Stairs for Cheap

large pictures using poster frameHey all you beautiful people!! I have a fun little project I've been working on for you today. If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you've probably seen my stories about this process. I am on Instagram stories everyday and it's lots of fun so I'd love if you joined me there if you haven't already! I have this project saved in a highlight because I had a lot of questions about it but I wanted to share here how I did it as well... 

large poster size print diy

chesterfield couch in living room

chesterfield sofa in modern vintage living room

I'm sure many of you have seen the big canvas pictures online and how beautiful they are... I wanted three for over my stairs for so long but they are just not "Savanna" budget friendly. So in typical Savanna fashion, I decided I could make the same look for way cheaper myself! 

Large black and white photos hanging over stairs

diy large black and white pictures diy gold frame

black and white stair way decor

diy gold framed black and white pictures

black modern stair railing

modern home with vintage decor

I absolutely love how they turned out... Bjorn on the left there is not possessed I promise he's just a little weird LOL typical BOY!!! 

I wanted a separate picture of both boys showing their personalities and then one of them together and they just happened to hug each other and it melted my heart. I'm so glad I captured it because they really do absolutely LOVE each other and I don't know what they would do without one another... Anyway STOP CRYING SAVANNA GET TO THE POINT

black and white poster size prints for cheap

large black and white poster size prints

So let's talk about how I made them and how I hung them up over the stairs (it wasn't easy LOL)...

I bought everything online and it got delivered right to my door so no need to go anywhere! First I took the pictures with my cellphone and edited them to turn them black and white. I then uploaded them HERE on walmart.com and blew them up to poster size 24x36. It came up with a warning that the resolution might be low but I knew from past experiences that they would turn out fine. I also knew they would be fine because when I uploaded them to the next size down it didn't give me that warning. I figured if they were a tiny bit grainy it wouldn't be a problem for me. If that's something that bothers you I suggest going the next size down and maybe getting a frame with a mat to make it look bigger. I then ordered THESE poster frames and THESE hooks to hang them with. When the frames came in I disassembled them and spray painted them with my favorite gold spray paint HERE. They came in a shiny black finish but that part didn't bother me because I knew I would be painting them. While I was disassembling them, the plastic/plexy glass part over the front broke. UGH. So I decided to just hang them up without glass over the front and I actually love it more because there isn't a glare. Because there wouldn't be any glass holding the picture itself in the frame, I used some tape and wrapped it around to make it double sided and just taped the pictures to the cardboard backing of the frame, then popped the gold frame onto it. 

Now for the fun part... Hanging these puppies over the stairs. I am TERRIFIED of heights so using a ladder or something was not an option for me LOL I found this gripper thing my grandpa somehow managed to get to my house haha and I'm so glad he did because I decided I would try and use it to hang them up! All I did was put a pencil in the gripper and eyeballed the spacing of where I would need to put the hooks. After I marked them and triple checked that they were the right spacing and lined up, I took a sticky hook and placed it on the mark with the gripper. I was super careful because I knew once the hook was on it wasn't coming off!! I then leaned over the railing and hung the pictures. They're super light weight and long so that part wasn't hard at all.

hanging large pictures over stairs how to

HAHA SOMEHOW IT WORKED!!! They're not exactly perfect but they're pretty darn close! I did have to play with little Rowen on the right because he ended up being a little too tall. Luckily he was at the top of the stairs so it wasn't hard to take him down and I rigged up a paperclip situation to make the hook in the back longer so he hung down lower and now he lines up with the rest of them!

black and white poster prints over modern stairs

modern home with vintage eclectic decor

So there you have it!! I am super happy with how they turned out. This is exactly what I wanted over there and I'm so glad I could come up with a way to do it for cheap!! I always find beautiful things I want and instead of purchasing them, I think "how can I make this to save money?" I usually always can come up with a solution. I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! Thanks for stopping by, friends!! <3

Love you, 

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