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The Past Few Days

Well it's been an exhausting week already. And we definitely wont be moved in by the end of the month! We've ran into problem after problem the passed couple days. I don't even know how many days it's been so that's why I titled it the way I did. Haha! We're all so tired and overwhelmed. I wish we could just hire someone to do it all but that's not an option. So we need to keep pushing and remember how truely blessed we are. 

Taylor finished the living room and let me tell you it looks professional. I am so impressed with how good he did! That fireplace was really tricky but he figured it out. I'm so proud of him! Aaron suggested he cut the bottom of the brick off so the floor would float underneath it and it wouldn't have a gap. We struggled for a while trying to figure out what to do with it until Aaron came along!

Bjorn passed out. He just worked way too hard! 

We went to Habitat for Humanity Restore in KC and it is AWESOME! If you haven't been and need anything for your house, you should definitely go there! We got these lights for less than $10 a piece! What! I have plans for them. I'll post those later! 

This light we got at Home Depot. It had two of them in a box for $22! I couldn't pass that up. I put one in the bathroom and the dining room and it makes the rooms look so much different. Plus it matches the hardware on our cabinets!

No more big ugly fan! 

I changed out the globes on the living room fan and it made a big difference. I didn't take a before picture but trust me it's better! The other ones were just too old fashioned for me. 

We started on the baseboards. I didn't realize how hard and time consuming it would be. Well all of it is worse than I thought... When you think about it, "oh it just needs some paint, floors, new baseboards... no big deal" and then you actually start doing it... Oh well... We will get there! We almost have the dining room done...
The walls are so wavy and un even. But it adds character right?! Its an old house. I don't expect it to be perfect! 

I bought out Ace Hardwares quarter round yesterday. The floors are so un even so we can't just have the base boards. Plus it makes it look more finished. I cut all 9 pieces today and placed them where they will go throughout the house. I still need to buy more to finish the rest of the house but it almost covered the dining, kitchen and laundry room.

We almost got B's room done. We just have one more strip and inside the closet to go...

We laid the underlay in the guest bedroom and I don't even want to talk about our bedroom... 

It's a mess. I'm so afraid to pull those boards up and see what's underneath. Ugh! It's gonna be another long day so wish us luck!!! Hopefully we will be done soon.

 -xo Savanna