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Chalkboard Wall in the Kitchen

You guys!!! I'm so so excited for this post. I know it's just a silly chalk board wall to you but for me this is everything! And now I want to chalkboard my whole house. Ok I'll try to refrain from doing the whole house but I may put one in every room... Don't tell my husband...

All my projects seem to have some interesting story behind them and this one is no different... I had been wanting a chalkboard wall for a long time but I never knew where. I thought of doing a whole wall in Bjorn's room (and I probably still will) and then I thought I would do one in the kitchen. I have this awkward little skinny wall in my kitchen outside of B's room and I got kind of tired of the décor there. It has pretty much stayed the same sense we moved in. I decided I wanted to paint this chalkboard wall here.
 Notice a peek at my light??? More on that later ;)
Taylor had gone to the store during the weekend to get paint for our bathroom. Yes we finally picked a color!!! I called him while he was gone to see if he would get me some chalkboard paint. He said he had already left so I decided I would do it another day... I do most of my shopping at Aldi, and we went the next day. I noticed they had paint brushes and rollers so I grabbed some because they were cheap (Like everything at Aldi) and I am always running out of them. I looked over and they had cans of chalkboard paint!!! Best part?? They're larger cans than the normal ones you see and they're only $3.99!! Yes you read that right, $3.99.... I grabbed one and grabbed a white chalk paint one and did a little jump up and down and said "it was meant to be!! It was meant to beeeee!!!!!" I embarrass myself on a daily basis so my husband is used to it...

 So now onto how I did it-- Originally I wanted to go all the way up to the tops of the door ways and add trim up above. Problem is we our thermostat is on this wall and I've been hiding it with that towel that hangs from the hooks. I didn't want that showing so I decided to keep the hooks and just do the chalkboard half way up. I brushed it on and was amazed by the quality. I only had to do one coat and it took probably 20 minutes at the most. I was going to add trim at the top to finish it off but I got impatient and painted some waves. I ended up liking it so I went over them several times until I got the shape I wanted. I ended with a scalloped edge that adds so much character rather than just doing a straight edge across. Little tip* makeup brushes, preferably eye shadow brushes work great for little details like this*.

After it was dry I seasoned it by rubbing chalk on its side all over and then wiping it off. Looks like it's been there forever.

So my friends that's it! Super easy chalkboard wall that makes me smile everytime I look at it. I cant wait to see all the little works of art that are put on this thing. I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration for your own home! Thank you as always for reading and if you live by an Aldi, go get yourself some chalk paint!! $3.99, you cant beat that!

Go be my friend everywhere!!