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Early Fall Front Porch Decor

Oh my lort. This post is so exciting for me. All my little life I've wanted a front porch with a swing in the country. It's the simple things. Also it's just a staple with an old farm house and now that I have one, I'm way too overly excited about it. This swing came from my sweet neighbor who bought a new one and sold me this one for just $30! I didn't let her see my excitement but inside I was jumping and screaming like a little girl. I kept my composure as we loaded it up but trust me. Screaming like a little girl inside...

Now that I have this gorgeous swing of amazingness, I absolutely love decorating my front porch. I went out this weekend early in the morning, coffee in hand and pj's still on and got to decorating. I went for a cozy, neutral, thrown together vibe and I think I achieved that.

I brought out blankets and pillows and made the swing into a cozy spot for us to sit and drink coffee (or wine) I have sat out here a couple times and I grin from ear to ear. My neighbors probably think I'm crazy (if they don't already).

I brought out my favorite Moscow mule mugs and some of my pumpkins to add some fall touches. All that's missing are some mums.

Our friends helped us hang this baby up. Originally I had it on the back porch because I didn't think it would fit in the front. My mother in law came over and said she thought it would fit so the boys went out and measured and it fit perfectly in that little spot. The problem was finding the studs. There may or may not be like 30 drill holes in the ceiling from where my husband went to find the studs... He found three and originally hung it up way over to the left. I didn't like it. I mean if you're gonna hang a beautiful front porch swing, its gotta be hung right! So he kept drilling and found another one and it fit right in the middle!

 Most everything is either stolen from my parent's house (lol) or thrifted/ purchased for very cheap. I'll list the sources down below.

Seriously this post was so much fun for me. I love making outdoor spaces look like they belong indoors. I have never had a nack for decorating my front porch but now that this swing is here, it changes everything.

I can't wait to decorate for all the seasons out here. This swing went up just in time because this is my absolute favorite season to decorate for (and just in general). So I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own porch for fall. As always thank you so much for taking the time to read. Bless you all!

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xo- Savanna

Swing- Neighbor
House number- Made from old wood and Michaels wood numbers
White circle on wall- Taken from an old table
Frame- Thrifted
Old spool side- Given to us by a friend
Grey throw blanket- TJMaxx
Two grey and white throw pillows- Target
Orange pillows- Walmart
Deer head pillow- Amazon
Stool- Stolen from my parents (they got it from Pier One)
White scarf- From my grandmother
Moscow Mule cups- Walmart
Crocks- Stolen from my parents :D
Tray- Thrifted
Basket and white blanket- Stolen from my parents
Cotton stem- Amazon
All pumpkins- Michaels
Boat- Given to us from a friend
Plaid scarf- TJMaxx
Wood planter- Walmart
Screen door- Thrifted
Door hangings and rug- Stolen from my wonderful parents :P