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Old Wooden Locker Coat Closet

Hello all!! I missed getting a post up this weekend. It was a busy one but I wanted to show you part of what I did this weekend. I did a lot of projects in the house and still have paint all over my hands... Let's just not talk about that. This weekend I got to pick up one of my new favorite pieces in our house! This amazingly huge old wooden locker! I'm in love...

First of all I want to say how amazingly grateful I am for good friends and family who look out for these types of things for me. It sounds silly but when I get a phone call at work saying "Savanna! Someone threw old chairs out on the side of the road, do you want me to grab them for you??" My heart does a little happy dance inside. Working full time I'm not able to grab these great deals all the time so to have people who are willing to pick up peoples trash for me is truly a blessing! :D With that being said my husband got me the old mismatched chairs around the dining room table and my friend scored this awesome old locker for me at a garage sale for $30!! 

This old house didn't come with much storage space. We literally have 3 very small closets and each of them are in the bedrooms. I have taken over our third bedroom as my closet and as an extra storage area for all of our cleaning supplies, bedding etc. With that said, we don't have a coat closet. Originally when I saw this thing I thought it would be a great pantry! We use an old wardrobe now as our pantry and its in our laundry room. I thought we could then use that old one as a place to store towels, bedding etc. But then I saw inside it and it already had a rod across and hooks. I have wanted a coat closet for so long so I decided that's what this would be! Ugly picture of the inside coming up.... 

This will come in such handy this winter because its in the dining room and that's where you walk into from our front door. I put our shoe basket in here and it was a perfect fit.

As I've said before, Everything I do/get has a funny story to go along with it. That's how my life goes.... And this one is no different. When my friend called and told me she saw this thing at a garage sale, she couldn't fit it in her car so I said I would go after work to get our truck and go back to get it. Naturally my husband drove our truck to work the one day I needed it so I wen't the next morning. The truck was already full from a dresser I got on the side of the road (lol) and some scrap lumber my husband had found. I got the dresser out and just couldn't find the time in my impatient heart to get all the lumber out, so I wen't on my way to the house to pick up this giant beast of a cabinet. 

I wasn't aware of how big it actually was until I stood next to it. Holy moly the thing is 7 1/2 foot tall! Our ceilings luckily are 8 feet high. The sweet sellers of this thing helped me put it in the back of the truck and strap it down. It hung off the end of the truck bed and the lumber was just laying in there un secured. I just thought i'd take the back roads home and go slow. I made it safely and didn't lose any wood (WOO!) and when I got home I said "I'll wait til my husband gets home to help me get it out" (haha we all know that's a joke!) I was babysitting and the kids were occupied playing power rangers in my sons room so I thought "I'll just go grab it real quick" (haha! Another joke!!) I pulled it out of the truck no problem, then started to move it. I'm not joking it probably took me 15 minutes moving it a little and running inside to check on the boys. My driveway is literally right next to my front door. I took several breaks, I have scars, people drove down the road probably pointing and laughing but I didn't care. I started to get it inside and I'm gonna finish darn it!! So finally I get the thing inside...

I got so excited, I put it where I wanted it, put our shoe basket inside and put the door on (it came with the door off) I shut the door and went to open it and it wouldn't open... My heart sank a little. The door knob was broken! Now I know why the door was off! I did everything to get the darn thing open and I couldn't. Finally my husband came home (again he never notices anything he didn't even see it when he walked in and said "so wheres this cabinet you bought?" LOL) Anywhoo.... I told him I couldn't get it open so he worked on it and got it rigged up. He just took the inside parts of the door knob out so it doesn't twist but it still shuts because it is snug enough. 

I can't tell you how excited I am to see this thing in my house. I wiped it down (it still has dirty spots and scuffs on it but I'm not gonna lie, I love it that way) I decorated it up and rubbed some copper Rub-n-buff on the doorknob to make it a little more "Savanna" (you'll notice the knob black and copper because I took pictures, then added the copper, then took more pictures) and there you have it! My beautiful new (old) coat closet!! What do you think?? I love looking at this thing and it was totally worth all the sweat and scars getting it inside. I hope you enjoyed and got a little inspiration for your own home. As always thank you for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to!! Have a great week!!! 

xo- Savanna

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