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Early Fall Decor in the Kitchen

Happy early fall everyone!!! I'm so excited for fall I can't stop decorating... I have a problem... But I've accepted it and decided to live with the problem I have. It's fall all year round in my little heart. I have decorated pretty much every room in my house for fall and I brought some into my kitchen as well. I did a centerpiece for my DIY kitchen island here and added some to my counter tops...

I decided to do a little vignette in the spare space I have on my counter tops that isn't used.

I've had the crock and rolling pins forever and I added some flowers and a cotton stem I ordered off of amazon. I got the white pumpkin from Marshalls and the little fabric pumpkins I got from Tuesday Morning. I love both of those stores for holiday décor. I got the pumpkin candle holder from bath and body works and the candle in it is from a local wedding venue. The fall print is from Place of My Taste.

I just love fall and I'm having so much fun adding fall touches to my home this year. Last year we were still renovating so it was difficult to do much. Cant wait to show you what else I have up my sleeve this year.

Thank you all so much for following along and supporting me in everything I do. Hope you got a little inspiration from this post. Have a wonderful week!!

XO- Savanna

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