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DIY Hanging Kitchen Storage with Video: No tools needed!

spring rod between cabinets with s hooksHello loves!! I hope you're doing well!! My town is starting to open up again and it's definitely bringing my spirits up again! I was playing around in the kitchen the other day and decided I really wanted something over my stove. A very tall person must have built this house haha because the vent hood is up high (which I love) but I wanted to fill in the space a bit...

I remembered I had a spring rod downstairs that I hadn't used yet and I found some hooks from who knows where in my kitchen drawer so I decided to put the two together and make a little hanging storage situation over the stove! All I did was expand the rod to make it tight in between the two cabinets and hung the hooks on. I picked out some pretty things I wanted to hang up and stuck them on the hooks. EASY!! 

spring rod with hooks for kitchen storage

hang a spring rod and s hooks for kitchen storage

hanging kitchen storage with curtain rod

hang s hooks on a curtain rod for storage

curtain rod storage ideas

storage using curtain rods and s hooks

So all you need is a spring rod and S hooks! You can find them anywhere... I've included a video of the process HERE:

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY and got some inspiration for your own home! I love creating things out of nothing and creating a beautiful home without a lot of money or using what I already have on hand. Have a beautiful week, friends and stay safe!!

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