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DIY Record Side Table

Stacked records as a side table
Hey my friends! I hope your week is going well. It's been so gloomy here but no rain... like if it's going to be cloudy, at least rain! Otherwise give me sunshine!! I cheered myself up by going to my parent's house and "shopping" LOL I've talked before about how their house is my favorite antique store... They usually just let me go around and take things I want for free! FUN! This week I found some old records and I'm OBSESSED WITH THEM...

I have a few record walls in my house I'll share another time but I wanted to quickly show you this little side table I put together last night. I just stacked the records going all different directions (so they wouldn't lean) and put a tray on top! Styled it with a plant, some candle sticks I also found at my parents' house and a crystal. 

stack records to make a side table

record side table with tray

Stack records to make a side table

Side table made out of records

stacked records make a side table

make a table out of records

DIY Side table with records

See how I achieved those large frames over my stairs (HERE)

records stacked to make a side table

stack records to make home decor

gold marble tray on records to make a side table

I thought it was a fun way to add a side table here for no money!! I just used what I already had and the free records. I hope you got some inspiration from this little DIY for your own home! Have a fantastic rest of the week, friends!!

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