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How to Style a Nightstand 3 Ways with Video

how to decorate a nightstandHalllllo! Happy almost Friday!! I hope you're all doing well. I'm super excited that our town here is starting to open up a bit. I'm still keeping low and not going out a lot but I'm glad to know things are starting to get back to normal. While I've been in ive been creating a LOT and it's been so good for my soul. I wanted to show you how to style your nightstand 3 different ways...

First is how I always keep my nightstand. I used a mat for an anchor for all of the little things on top. I just feel like when your stuff has somewhere to sit on and anchor it all together it just looks more put together. However I will show one look without an anchor... This one I chose some books to have on hand and put a crystal and candle on top to promote better sleep and some greenery on a vintage scale. I love the simplicity of this one and I have room to put my water! I'm a savage water drinker yall...

how to style and night stand

Second is the one without the anchor but I used 3 pieces (I count the two candle sticks as one because they're placed close together) I find that keeping it super simple with 3 pieces it isn't necessary to have a mat or tray to anchor them. I just put some books in a basket, added some greenery and height with the candles. This look would be great for a man's side of the bed! It's simple and practical but pretty!

how to style end tables

Third I knew I was going to use several pieces and so I grabbed a tray to hold them all together. I just added a large jar with dried flowers for height, books again, a candle and a jewelry tray. I love the gold and marble tray with the wood table. 

how to decorate night stands and side tables

Watch the video HERE

So again, if you have several pieces on your nightstand, grab a tray or a mat to group them all together and it will change the look instantly! I Had lots of fun making this post and video and I hope you got some inspiration from it for your own home! Have a fantastic rest of the week, friends!

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