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Spray Painted TV - DIY "frame" TV

Painted tv frame tv diyHello all!! Happy MONDAY! The weather here today is so beautiful. I have all of the windows and doors open working here on the blog. I can't help but get a little excited for fall as the temp goes down... I LOVE summer so much but I'm definitely a fall girl too. Good thing there's 4 whole seasons to fit my moods! LOL I did something a little crazy this weekend... 

Gold spray paint on tv


I painted my TV!!! I cant believe I never thought of painting it before. I have ALWAYS hated how tv's look. I just am all about having everything in my home looking pretty and this tv just doesn't fit that vibe! I saw one of my friends Nina www.strawberryroadonline.com/ paint her TV and I was SHOOOOOOOOK.  I decided I had to do it right away!!! BRILLIANT!!! You can see her post on how she painted her tv HERE. She beautifully painted hers white. I love how it turned out! Of course I went with my favorite color... GOLD! 

Gold diy tv

gold spray paint to create frame tv look

All I did to create this look was tape off the screen with news paper and painters tape. I didn't paint the back because I don't know what all is going on back there and I'm not trying to ruin my wine and New Girl nights alone... I taped off the bottom speaker and got to painting! I just laid it on its back on some cardboard and painted the front and sides and base. I knew no one would see the back so that wasn't a big deal to me. I painted it using my favorite gold spray paint HERE

how to paint your tv

Gold tv

spray painted tv to match decor

Makeover your tv with spray paint

I seriously LOVE how it turned out. I have always wanted one of the frame tv's by Samsung (I believe) and I just can't justify spending that much money on a tv. I'm all about finding something I love and re creating it on a major budget. It's what I DO!! I think this turned out just as pretty as the frame TV! And lots of money saved! I'm so thankful to Nina for showing us you can really paint anything!! 

Spray painted tv gold

how to create frame tv on a budget

That's it, friends! I hope you're all doing well and got some inspiration for your own home. You can really turn your home into your dream home with very little money. All it takes is a little imagination and some spray paint :)
Have a great week!
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