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Watermelon Jalapeno Margarita Recipe

Margaritas with watermelon and jalapenoHappy weekend! I've been super busy lately but  I love to be busy so it's totally fine by me! A couple weeks ago me and my two besties had a girls day and I thought I'd share what we snacked on and a fun margarita we made! I made the margaritas and my friend made the prettiest charcuterie board! Everything was so good so lets get into the recipe...

Charcuterie snack board

charcuterie board from aldi

watermelon and jalapeno margaritas

charcuterie board and margaritas for guests

charcuterie board for entertaining

jalapeno margaritas

watermelon jalapeno margaritas

I kinda guessed on the ingredients but they turned out great! Here's the recipe...

easy recipe for watermelon jalapeno margaritas

I just dumped all the ingredients in this cute dispenser, added ice to some wine glasses and served them up!

skinny margarita recipe

party snacks

entertainment charcuterie board from aldi

We enjoyed every bit of this board. She got all the ingredients at Aldi... even the board!! I thought it was so cute and wen't great with the margs! 

Next I thought I'd just share a little glimpse through my kitchen...

modern eclectic kitchen

white cabinets black counter

white cabinets silver handles

white cabinets, black counter tops, silver handles

You all know I change stuff around here all the time so I gotta keep everyone up to date. But that's the recipe and my kitchen! Let me know if you try the margs and how you like them!

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