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I Painted my Bedroom Ceiling....... BLACK!


Black bedroom ceilingHello all!!! This was kind of an unexpected post because I decided to do it on a whim. That's really how most of my projects go... But I got home last night and just started getting the paint stuff out... I really thought I'd just get it out and think about this decision I came to a little longer but no... up the ladder went and down goes the drop cloths....

Black and beige bedroom

space black benjamin moore

I took these photos early this morning so the lighting is very moody and makes it super romantic in here! I am seriously loving the painted ceiling. I was on Instagram yesterday and came across @thejadebennet redoing her laundry room. She is the queen of painted ceilings and I just HAD TO DO IT! I was debating painting my bedroom but I really love the color in here and I really love the washi tape wall I did so I'm super glad I came to this alternative. It changed the room so much but keeps my pretty walls.

Black and gold bedroom

black and white bedroom

moody bedroom

I drug my rug in from the living room to cozy it up even more in here. I'm not sure if it'll stay but we'll see. And that's it!! Just some paint and a rug switch and I have a totally different room. I did have to SCRAPE the paint can HAHA. I am 100% OUT of black paint. My house is probably saying "thank God!" LOL

hanging plug in chandelier

drop cloth curtains

drop cloth curtains

space black ceiling

I used the same black paint that I did my fireplace with HERE. Space black by Benjamin Moore. I'm just loving how moody and cozy it is in here now. I still have some touch ups to do tonight on the walls when I get home but For the most part its DONE!! I am a TERRIBLE painter. I'm just good at cleaning up my mistakes!! LOL Have a beautiful day, friends! I hope you got some inspiration for your own house. Thanks for stopping by!!

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