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DIY Faux Fireplace with Just Paint!!

Faux FireplaceHello friends!!! I am so excited about this project today!!! last night I went to the hardware store and grabbed some paint because the night before that I decided I wanted a big "fireplace" here in my living room BUT I needed to be able to do it myself... So paint it is...

I had this idea in my head that I wanted to build a fireplace in my living room one day. It would be a day where I had someone to help me or I got the confidence and tools to do it myself but then, my grandpa brought over this electric fireplace he no longer wanted and I decided to put it in my living room. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it at first but then the next day I started thinking about how I could make a faux fireplace without a bunch of tools or labor. I ended up deciding on PAINT!! I drew up a little inspiration picture LOL and wen't to the store for paint. I shared this whole process on IG stories HERE and saved to a highlight <3

I chose the color Space Black by Benjamin Moore. I'm a Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black kinda girl but this is all my hardware store has and it really is a true black so I'm super happy about it! I grabbed a long roller, a ladder from my dads house and got to work! It was scary on the ladder when I was adding the tape because I am SO AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!! But... I held my breath and did it and I'm so glad I did!!! This ceiling is TALL so it was intimidating but I gave myself a pep talk and climbed on up the ladder. I can do hard things!!! And because I did... This is the result!

Black floor to ceiling fireplace

Black fireplace

DIY Faux Fireplace

Faux fireplace just paint

vaulted ceiling fireplace

I can't believe how just a little bit of paint made such a big impact. Paint is truly powerful!!! 
I added a faux deer head I had and some sconces from Amazon HERE. I couldn't hard wire the sconces so I grabbed THESE puck lights. I just put a piece of painters tape across the black paint the height I wanted the sconces and used the tape as a guide to screw the sconces into the wall. Put in the puck lights and you have an easy sconce!!!

Easy fireplace diy

faux sconces

diy no wire sconces

electric fireplace makeover

diy electric fireplace

I'm really so happy with how this turned out. If you can paint, you can do it too!! I love when easy projects change a whole room. Now, I love my living room again! And I can't wait to have stockings and garland on my fireplace this winter... Too soon??? SORRY!!!!

electric fireplace

faux fireplace makeover

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home!!! You guys are the best and I'm so happy over here on my blog. I think this fireplace is one of my favorite diy's yet!! Have a beautiful weekend, friends!!

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