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Black and White Fall Dining Room with a Pop of Color


Happy Sunday, friends!! It's all things fall over here. The boys have enjoyed helping me stick a pumpkin in every corner of the house and just yesterday we decorated for Halloween!! Too soon?? Not for two little boys who love all things spooky. But first I wanted to share my fall dining room with you...

I also want to show you a new (old) piece I stuck in my dining room for more storage. These lockers have been all over and in our old house, they were in our kitchen. In this house I stuck them in my son's room thinking I would use them as a headboard but they ended up just taking up room and the other day when I decided I wanted to switch his room around, the lockers got a new home as well. I put them in my dining room and I am loving how they look in here! I debated painting them but I'm going to live with the green for a while. It's a nice pop of color in my black and white neutral house. 

I kept my centerpiece super simple by just adding a couple pumpkins and a pitcher of flowers to a tray. I didn't buy anything new for this (my favorite way to decorate) but a couple months ago I got the pitcher from this store HERE and the magnolia stems I found at Target HERE. I got the pumpkins years ago at Target and Michaels and the black and white towel I found at Walmart in store. 

I'm loving the simplicity of it and I love my old lockers in here. They just add a touch of color which I love. 

That completes the fall dining room tour!!! I'll be back soon with some fun halloween posts but until then, have a beautiful week! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you got some inspiration for your own home.

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