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Entryway Makeover with Wallpaper on the Ceiling

wallpaper on ceiling

Hi friends!! Happy Saturday!!! I am about to head to work at the adorable store, Grace Wins but I wanted to get this blog post up today because I just did a quick makeover in my entry way! I started painting last night, got the finishing touches done today and wanted you to be able to see it. I've been documenting on Facebook and Instagram stories so if you've been watching... Heres the final reveal!...

Easy entry way decor

black front doors

dark gray walls with black front door

benjamin moore silhouette with benjamin moore space black

silhouette and space black by benjamin moore

I had this paint on hand from when I did my dining room makeover HERE and ever since then I had been thinking I wanted to makeover my entry way with the same moody vibe that I have been putting into my home recently. The entry just looked bare and blah. Heres a before pic...

This is a terrible before pic because I realized I didn't have an actual picture of the before so I took a screen shot of a story I had. If I find another one i will replace lol

And after some paint and wallpaper and shopping my house!

silhouette by benjamin moore with white and gold wallpaper

easy wallpaper on the ceiling

dark warm gray entry way

Dark warm gray with gold accessories

dark warm gray entry with black door

black front door

Benjamin moore paint colors

Benjamin moore silhouette

The wallpaper is from Amazon HERE (affiliate link)

And the hooks are from Amazon as well HERE (affiliate link)

I thought it would be fun to add a fun pop of wallpaper on the ceiling. Let me tell you, wallpapering on the ceiling is no joke. I can't imagine doing a whole ceiling lol it was not fun but I love the end result!!! I've been eyeing this wallpaper for such a long time but It can get expensive to do a whole wall so I got one roll and I still have a ton left! So I think i'm gonna add it into my closet. 

That's it!! A super simple cheap makeover that makes my heart so happy. I hope you enjoyed and got some ideas for your own home. Have a beautiful weekend!! 

Love you, 

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