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Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! I seriously can't believe how LONG but FAST this year has been!! Everything that should have been spread out through several years seems to have happened in just this short amount of time. 9 months of crazy! It's felt so long but I also can't believe it's already almost December... 

I wanted to put together a little post talking about some of my past table settings I've done since I won't be having anyone over for Thanksgiving this year. All of these were done in the Farmhouse (you can read about it HERE) so if it looks different and you're new here, that's why!! 

I've only hosted Thanksgiving one time and it was the most terrifying day. I remember getting up at 3am to start this turkey process and crying and calling my aunt (she passed this year. Love you, aunt Nancy) who was a chef at one point in her life and always had the best recipes and knew everything about everything. She told me what to do and if it wasn't for her, I would have probably had a mental breakdown!! LOL This is the table I set for all of my family. I put down a piece of brown paper for everyone to write what they were thankful for on. I added some garland and candle sticks and brought out my mismatched napkins, china and chairs and it was everything I wanted it to be. 

This next one is a table I did just for fun but I love the idea of using a blanket for a tablecloth. If you don't have a tablecloth, throw an old fun blanket over the table to add some texture! I added an old piece of iron decor that I'm sure I found in a dumpster somewhere (I love trash) to ground everything and put in some candlesticks. You can't go wrong with a simple candlestick and blanket moment on your table. 

This was another just for fun table I did and again, I used unconventional items. I used a blanket scarf for this tablecloth to add the cozy texture. Threw in some pumpkins and cotton stems and mismatched plates and bowls and boom there you have it!

This one is probably the most simple. All I did was put an old shutter in the middle of the table and put on some pumpkins, leaves and pinecones. Super easy and would look so pretty on a long table. 

There you have it!! Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?? Let me know on Instagram and Facebook and I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL holiday. Thanks for stopping by!

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