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Winter Kitchen Decor

winter kitchen shelves 

Hello, friends!! It's a new week and I'm excited for it. Anyone else love starting a new week?? No? I do. Last week I started doing some winter decorating in my home. Not Christmas, cause I'm still not ready LOL but WINTER decor I can handle. I decorated my shelves in my kitchen with some winter touches and I'm loving how it turned out...

winter counter top decor

winter greenery on range hood

winter bottle brush trees on kitchen shelves

winter decor in kitchen

I kept it pretty neutral with some sparkly deer, candles and bottle brush trees. I got these trees at Aldi last week. I've had the deer for years but they were from Walmart. My kids love to play with them so they're starting to get pretty shabby. I originally wanted a wreath over my stove but after going through my boxes I realized I had 3 of these garlands that I normally put on my chairs. I decided to put one up here and it fits perfectly! I got those at walmart a couple years ago. I need to get a couple more for my island chairs.

simple winter shelves

Neutral winter kitchen decorations

Remove kitchen cabinet doors

Simple winter kitchen decor

I said I was going to keep it simple on these shelves and then I started decorating and the true Savanna came out with her "more is more" mindset and here we are LOL but It's ok because it's ME! Yes I'm craving simplicity but I also have to stay true to myself. I let my hands take over and this is where my shelves ended up.

candle on plates

simple neutral winter decor

easy christmas decor

sparkly winter deer in kitchen

tray in kitchen for oils

I'm loving all the neutrals with some pops of color. this year I'm adding more color for my holiday decor and I'm so excited about it. My fear of color is slowly going away. I'm learning how to use color in the right way and it's been so fun for me to experiment with!

simple neutral christmas kitchen

I put out a bowl of these diy ornaments (you can find those in my instagram highlight HERE)

That's all I got for winter decor in the kitchen! Thanks so so much for reading and I hope you all got some inspiration for your own home!

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