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Fireplace Essentials with Wayfair

plants candles and crystals in decor 

Happy Wednesday, friends! I hope you're all well. We have had the most beautiful weather lately but the past couple days have been dreary and cold so I've been leaving the fireplace on and just taking it slow! It's always hard for me to just relax and enjoy sitting STILL but the weather really plays a big part in my mood and my laziness scale LOL...

I did a little mantle refresh with some of my favorite things because I believe a fire isn't a FIRE without the essentials!! Wayfair and I have come together to share some of my favorite fireplace cozy necessities.

black fireplace

Crosley Record Player

Fireside essentials

black painted diy fireplace

birchwood by fireplace

purple crosley record player

record player and wood next to fireplace

For me, I have several essentials for fireside relaxing. I like to get all the senses going! Smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing... Here's some of my favorites...

For SURE some wine in a classy glass ;)
Snacks on a cute tray
Cozy lighting with candles and sconces
Definitely warm blankets and pillows 
I love having entertainment whether that's with the tv
 books with some cute book ends 
or music. My record player gets used daily over here!
Baskets for blankets and firewood for that extra cozy feel.

Covering all the senses with cozy goodness makes my fireplace extra special in the colder months. 

diy fireplace with faux sconces

wine next to fireplace

wine and cheese by fireplace

chesterfield couch next to fireplace

black fireplace with gold sconces

basket of blankets by fireplace

cozy fireplace set up.

I feel like this year I will be using this fireplace SO MUCH. I already use it almost everyday. My boys love turning it on when they watch tv. They love to just lay on the couch with a fun show and the fireplace on. We've been having lots more movie nights with popcorn since having this fireplace in here and it's really brought so much peace to my heart. I know it sounds silly, but when my home feels warm and cozy, I'm at peace. Lighting, textures and smells all play a huge roll in warming up your home and during the winter, I'm ALL ABOUT IT!

tv in gold frame

black fireplace with gold accessories

cozy couch next to fireplace

What are your fireplace essentials?? I linked lots of cozy items from Wayfair below to get your fireplace ready for the cold months.

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! If you don't have a fireplace, I strongly believe that all of these things are necessary haha I've used them to cozy up my home forever! Thanks for stopping by today and everyday. Have a beautiful rest of the week!!

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!