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No Sew $10 Roman Shades: Full Tutorial

diy roman shades
Hiya friend!! Happy you're here! I have been on a project kick lately and I managed to bust out this easy roman shade project yesterday that was inspired by Cass @CassMakesHome on Instagram. She's a badass diy'er and she shared how she made some diy roman shades. I did mine a little differently though...

I cannot sew. Never have been able to. I have owned two sewing machines in my life because when I was like 12 I thought I wanted to be a fashion designer and started making purses for my friends and selling them in the school bathroom but that dream quickly fizzled when I realized how much I hate sewing LOL so if I can get away with a "no sew" project, I'm down! 

Here's a little before and after of what I did:

pop of color in living room

diy linin roman shades using drop cloth

I think they just cozy it up a bit! LOVE!!

Cass did hers with a sewing machine and fabric glue but I looked at my supplies and came up with hot glue... Probably not the most profesh but I'm ok with that because they turned out great! Here's the steps I took to get the look I wanted!

no sew roman shade diy

First gather your supplies. I already had all of mine so that was a huge bonus!

making roman shade with blinds and a drop cloth

Cut your fabric to the size of your blinds as they're pulled out getting as close to the side edges as you can and leaving about an inch and a half to two inches of fabric on top and bottom. 

Next lay your blinds front side down onto the fabric.

Mark every 5th blind with a marker.

And very carefully cut off the blinds that aren't marked. DO NOT cut the string! 

They should look like this:

Next glue your top piece down. Add glue to the front of the top piece and wrap the fabric around it leaving the top exposed so you can clip it on to the brackets that attach to the window to hold the blinds up. 

Next, flip each marked blind over so the front side is facing up. One by one, add glue and flip back over to glue them to the fabric. Make sure you're keeping the spacing consistent and the string, not tight, but not bunched up.

Glue the bottom piece the same way you did the top but wrapping the excess around the bottom of it so when the blind is up, you just see fabric and no plastic. 

And VIOLA!! Hang them up and enjoy!!

painters drop cloth window treatments

diy drop cloth window treatments

diy roman shades

easy and cheap roman shades

diy roman shade tutorial

eclectic glam living room

I will probably be adding a white panel to the back just so they don't look so stripey in the light and they'll look better from the outside looking in when they're shut. To do this, I'll just cut the white fabric panel to size and glue around the edges and each of the blinds. 

glam eclectic decor

neutral living room with pops of color

diy window treatments

around window gallery wall

That's it! Super easy and cheap way to update your window treatments. I hope all of that made sense and if you need it, I have a video tutorial on my Tik Tok HERE and Instagram Highlights HERE.
I didn't want to cover this window with curtains because I love the trim work but I definitely needed something besides mini blinds to keep the peepers from seeing in at night. I love how it turned out and I hope you got some inspiration for your own home!! 

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