Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Past Few Days

Well it's been an exhausting week already. And we definitely wont be moved in by the end of the month! We've ran into problem after problem the passed couple days. I don't even know how many days it's been so that's why I titled it the way I did. Haha! We're all so tired and overwhelmed. I wish we could just hire someone to do it all but that's not an option. So we need to keep pushing and remember how truely blessed we are. 

Taylor finished the living room and let me tell you it looks professional. I am so impressed with how good he did! That fireplace was really tricky but he figured it out. I'm so proud of him! Aaron suggested he cut the bottom of the brick off so the floor would float underneath it and it wouldn't have a gap. We struggled for a while trying to figure out what to do with it until Aaron came along!

Bjorn passed out. He just worked way too hard! 

We went to Habitat for Humanity Restore in KC and it is AWESOME! If you haven't been and need anything for your house, you should definitely go there! We got these lights for less than $10 a piece! What! I have plans for them. I'll post those later! 

This light we got at Home Depot. It had two of them in a box for $22! I couldn't pass that up. I put one in the bathroom and the dining room and it makes the rooms look so much different. Plus it matches the hardware on our cabinets!

No more big ugly fan! 

I changed out the globes on the living room fan and it made a big difference. I didn't take a before picture but trust me it's better! The other ones were just too old fashioned for me. 

We started on the baseboards. I didn't realize how hard and time consuming it would be. Well all of it is worse than I thought... When you think about it, "oh it just needs some paint, floors, new baseboards... no big deal" and then you actually start doing it... Oh well... We will get there! We almost have the dining room done...
The walls are so wavy and un even. But it adds character right?! Its an old house. I don't expect it to be perfect! 

I bought out Ace Hardwares quarter round yesterday. The floors are so un even so we can't just have the base boards. Plus it makes it look more finished. I cut all 9 pieces today and placed them where they will go throughout the house. I still need to buy more to finish the rest of the house but it almost covered the dining, kitchen and laundry room.

We almost got B's room done. We just have one more strip and inside the closet to go...

We laid the underlay in the guest bedroom and I don't even want to talk about our bedroom... 

It's a mess. I'm so afraid to pull those boards up and see what's underneath. Ugh! It's gonna be another long day so wish us luck!!! Hopefully we will be done soon.
 -xo Savanna

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Days Seven and Eight

We started on a bigger project... The floors! 

We started ripping out the existing floor on Friday. 

 It was pretty easy to get up and I thought maybe this will be easy! But that's never the case...  In the rooms with carpet there's those little nail strips and we hate each other... All I have to do is pry them out but whoever put them in REALLY didn't want them going anywhere! They're a pain but I got our bedroom done thanks to our friends Autum and Bruce! She helped so much with Bjorn and gave me someone to talk to so it wasn't boring! When we ripped up the carpet in our room, we discovered they "tried" to fix the floor underneath with wood. We don't know how we're going to fix it. If it were level to the rest of the floor I wouldn't mind but it sticks up a bit, so our wood floor wont sit flush to the ground... Somehow we will figure it out.... I started on B's room and haven't even touched the guest bedroom yet... I always find myself sitting in the guest bedroom and thinking about everything that needs to be done. I think its because it looks like an actual room. It has paint, trim and carpet and although were not keeping the carpet in there, its a finished room. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and wonder what in the world I was thinking buying this place... It calms me down a little bit and takes me away from all the chaos of the rest of the house! Anyway... Bruce and Taylor ripped up the old laminate in the dining and living rooms. 
Theres that handsome man of mine doing work and asking if I was taking pictures of him... No honey I wasn't!! ;)

Thank you guys so much for helping! 

On Saturday we went and bought the flooring. We had to go to two different stores because that flooring is popular I suppose! We made it back to the house and our friend Aaron came out to help Taylor start the floor. I was so happy because I know Taylor... Haha! And Aaron is a carpenter and did all of the floors in his BEAUTIFUL house. They got the dining room done! 

So thank you Aaron for helping! We really appreciate all of our awesome family and friends who have offered to help us. We would be so lost! I cant believe how blessed we are :)
We bought the floor at Home Depot. Its called Traffic Master in Lakeshore Pecan. We loved all of the different textures in it and we needed something durable with Bourbon and Bjorn running around!

Bourbon loves the land. He made sure to mark everything sticking up out of the ground! Flowers, Trees, fence posts... Haha! Bourbon, Bjorn and I explored the land a little bit and there is TONS of wood left from the previous owner. I cant wait to make projects out of it. I have one in mind so stay tuned!!! There is also a couple pieces of furniture in the garage. It's like Christmas for me!! YAY!

After Aaron left, I took the babies back to my parents house and went back to help Taylor. 
We got half of the living room done. Laying the floor is easy, it's just the cutting that takes up time. But we're getting closer and closer each day. I hope we can move in a week!! Then I can relax and enjoy our little house! 

Have a great day!! 
-xo Savanna

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Days Five and Six

Well the past couple days were basically spent fixing things I missed and fixing the paint color issue... Changing out hardware, Changing out the toilet seat... Can you believe out of all the things I've done the hardest thing was changing the toilet seat!? Sheesh! I hope I never have to do that again! EWWW. Anyways...  The guest bedroom is done.
I can close the door on that one. It just needs new flooring along with the rest of the house. Hopefully that will happen this weekend! Wee!! I cant wait to watch it go in. It will really make the house look so much bigger and brighter.
I painted under the cabinets... Notice how much of a difference just that little bit of paint did. It's not an eyesore anymore!!! That fan is though... EEK! Heres the before....
And the after..... What a difference! Really though... That fan....

I had to have some inspiration... I LOVE my little plant our cousins got for us. Its so cheerful! I look at it everyday! Thanks Shannon and Thad!
I also brought in some fake tulips to help cheer me up. We don't have electricity and I don't get enough service to pay music on my phone so it gets pretty lonely/boring up in there! So I needed something to make me smile and keep pushing me. I put them on top of the fridge... I had a dream the other night that I put them there so naturally that's where they needed to go!
I also brought in my old door I got for $25! I love it! Taylor didn't think it was necessary but I won that argument :) He got to buy something he really wanted for the house. I'll show you that one when its set up. It'll be awesome! Back to the door.....
Look at that door knob! I love walking in and seeing it. It makes me want to get the house done so I can figure out what I'm going to do with it...
I changed out the hardware in the bathroom and on the laundry room folding doors. I didn't get a picture of the laundry room but they look a million times better. Its amazing what simply changing out hardware can do for a cabinet door. I was going to paint the bathroom cabinets but I think its going to wait... Honestly I am so sick of painting I don't think I will ever paint again!! Lets be real... Yes I will but for now they're going to wait...
I made us a house number sign a couple weeks ago when I knew we were buying the house.. I went to the flea market and found these house numbers for $1 a piece so I picked some mismatch ones and painted them all black and screwed them into a piece of wood I found laying outside... A $5 project!

When we get all the little details of paint done (spot painting the trim, painting the bathroom, etc.) The next step for the house is flooring. After that we will do the baseboards and then move in! Wow I cant believe we're almost there!!
Thanks for reading!!
-xo Savanna

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Days Three and Four

We've been working pretty hard the past few days. Everyone's exhausted so we called it an early day today. Yesterday we went shopping for cabinet hardware and some decorations.

 I got an old door I'm really excited about :)We wanted to replace the hinges on the cabinets because they were so rusty and dingy but we went to check them out and they were over $4 a piece! Woah... SO not in our budget so we picked up some heavy duty spray paint and hubs painted them...

We got the alpliances in last night! Yay! New appliances make my heart so happy... Heres my little corner so far! I'm trying to figure out what to do with those garden themed tiles on the backsplash. My Sister-in-law said to paint them with chalkboard paint and write little notes or recipes on them. I'm LOVING that idea :) I still need to paint under the cabinets. It's the first thing I see when I walk in and its starting to hurt my eyes!

We ended up having to re paint two bedrooms because the paint I got at the store ended up not being the same shade. We painted with one can and opened another can and somehow it's a little lighter. So we had to paint over it all which took up most of our time. And I had to touch up the cabinets today and put on all the hardware and hang them back up.
Thank goodness I had my awesome sister-in-law to help. I wouldn't have gotten those suckers up myself! So thanks, Kayla for the help! B may be cute but he makes putting hardware on cabinets very difficult! He just wanted to play :) I didn't mind. It's amazing what parents learn to do with one hand! In fact he's sitting on my lap right now trying to type. Haha!
 I just need to finish up the master bedroom and paint the bathroom. We don't have electricity yet so it's hard to see what you're doing in that bathroom! And I might be a little sick of painting... Ugh! 

Still have lots to go but we're moving along! 
Going to go make some pizza and relax with my boys...

xo Savanna

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day Two

We got most of the painting done! I never thought I'd see the day. It was such a good day and were so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to help. They all did awesome! We got the kitchen, living room, b's room, laundry room and most of the cabinets done. We just need to finish up the trim, finish the guest bedroom and do the bathroom and master. After that we will go through and touch up any mistakes or missed spots. We're taking a break from painting tomorrow and we're gonna go shopping! Yes just what I need! Here's how it's looking now... 
Living room... We also painted the mantle white and started on the trim.

Kitchen... I just need to add some poly and hardware to the cabinets and clean the floor up and then the appliances can go in! EEK!

Laundry... Remember that awesome green???

Dining room... In this picture it kind of looks the way it did before haha! But it's a much lighter shade of grey than before. Ew I GOTTA paint that front door!! :O

 It already looks so much lighter and brighter. I love it! Ahh.. I just cant wait for it to be done...  I hate clutter and chaos! I just need to be positive and remember we're one step closer thanks to our awesome group that came out today :)
Goodnight all!
-xo Savanna

Day One

Yesterday was cleaning day. We got a lot done. Taylor mowed the yard for 10 hours straight! I couldn't believe it. I told him not to complain because he's the one that wanted all the land!... Well let's be real.. I wanted it too but I don't have to mow it! :) I got all of the baseboards off and cabinet doors off and ready for paint today! My mom cleaned windows and wiped off the trim. Pop watched Bjorn and sat on the deck. He kept saying we needed to work harder... Thanks Pop! Today is painting day and  I can't wait to see it all painted! It'll really ease my mind and bring my vision to life. Here's the pile of stuff I pulled off the walls..... Nails, curtains, blinds, vent covers, baseboards, stickers, thumb tacks. You name it, it was on the walls! 

And here's our construction zone! It was a long day but last night I slept so  peacefully knowing we're one step closer to a beautiful home. 

The other night we went by the house after closing to try to get some cleaning done. I went in all excited and started cleaning (I'm a crazy cleaning lady) About 10 minutes into it I started to freak out a little bit. What were we thinking buying this house?! We need all new cabinets, flooring, I even considered having someone come in to clean for us. It was so grimy and gross. I started to cry. Not having a vision anymore, thinking we would never get this house done and ready to move in... I went outside on the front porch to take a break and get some air and this was starring back at me. 

It made me remember THIS is why we bought this house. The peacefulness of the country. The fact that no one is touching that land. No
One lives there, no ones polluting it. It's just quiet, untouched land. This is where I want to be and this is where I want my kids to grow up. I can just picture B running around out there with Bourbon... It's home :) 
Going to get paint now!!! 
xo Savanna 

Thursday, May 14, 2015


We're FINALLY closing on the house TOMORROW! I'm so excited to get started on it. As much as I don't want to... I'm going to post some before pictures. This is what it looks like now....
Here's what you see when you first walk in. Our dining room.

Here is our kitchen...