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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Days Five and Six

Well the past couple days were basically spent fixing things I missed and fixing the paint color issue... Changing out hardware, Changing out the toilet seat... Can you believe out of all the things I've done the hardest thing was changing the toilet seat!? Sheesh! I hope I never have to do that again! EWWW. Anyways...  The guest bedroom is done.

I can close the door on that one. It just needs new flooring along with the rest of the house. Hopefully that will happen this weekend! Wee!! I cant wait to watch it go in. It will really make the house look so much bigger and brighter.
I painted under the cabinets... Notice how much of a difference just that little bit of paint did. It's not an eyesore anymore!!! That fan is though... EEK! Heres the before....

And the after..... What a difference! Really though... That fan....

I had to have some inspiration... I LOVE my little plant our cousins got for us. Its so cheerful! I look at it everyday! Thanks Shannon and Thad!
I also brought in some fake tulips to help cheer me up. We don't have electricity and I don't get enough service to pay music on my phone so it gets pretty lonely/boring up in there! So I needed something to make me smile and keep pushing me. I put them on top of the fridge... I had a dream the other night that I put them there so naturally that's where they needed to go!

I also brought in my old door I got for $25! I love it! Taylor didn't think it was necessary but I won that argument :) He got to buy something he really wanted for the house. I'll show you that one when its set up. It'll be awesome! Back to the door.....
Look at that door knob! I love walking in and seeing it. It makes me want to get the house done so I can figure out what I'm going to do with it...

I changed out the hardware in the bathroom and on the laundry room folding doors. I didn't get a picture of the laundry room but they look a million times better. Its amazing what simply changing out hardware can do for a cabinet door. I was going to paint the bathroom cabinets but I think its going to wait... Honestly I am so sick of painting I don't think I will ever paint again!! Lets be real... Yes I will but for now they're going to wait...

I made us a house number sign a couple weeks ago when I knew we were buying the house.. I went to the flea market and found these house numbers for $1 a piece so I picked some mismatch ones and painted them all black and screwed them into a piece of wood I found laying outside... A $5 project!

When we get all the little details of paint done (spot painting the trim, painting the bathroom, etc.) The next step for the house is flooring. After that we will do the baseboards and then move in! Wow I cant believe we're almost there!!
Thanks for reading!!
-xo Savanna

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