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Day One

Yesterday was cleaning day. We got a lot done. Taylor mowed the yard for 10 hours straight! I couldn't believe it. I told him not to complain because he's the one that wanted all the land!... Well let's be real.. I wanted it too but I don't have to mow it! :) I got all of the baseboards off and cabinet doors off and ready for paint today! My mom cleaned windows and wiped off the trim. Pop watched Bjorn and sat on the deck. He kept saying we needed to work harder... Thanks Pop! Today is painting day and  I can't wait to see it all painted! It'll really ease my mind and bring my vision to life. Here's the pile of stuff I pulled off the walls..... Nails, curtains, blinds, vent covers, baseboards, stickers, thumb tacks. You name it, it was on the walls! 

And here's our construction zone! It was a long day but last night I slept so  peacefully knowing we're one step closer to a beautiful home. 

The other night we went by the house after closing to try to get some cleaning done. I went in all excited and started cleaning (I'm a crazy cleaning lady) About 10 minutes into it I started to freak out a little bit. What were we thinking buying this house?! We need all new cabinets, flooring, I even considered having someone come in to clean for us. It was so grimy and gross. I started to cry. Not having a vision anymore, thinking we would never get this house done and ready to move in... I went outside on the front porch to take a break and get some air and this was starring back at me. 

It made me remember THIS is why we bought this house. The peacefulness of the country. The fact that no one is touching that land. No
One lives there, no ones polluting it. It's just quiet, untouched land. This is where I want to be and this is where I want my kids to grow up. I can just picture B running around out there with Bourbon... It's home :) 
Going to get paint now!!! 
xo Savanna