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Days Seven and Eight

We started on a bigger project... The floors!

We started ripping out the existing floor on Friday. 

 It was pretty easy to get up and I thought maybe this will be easy! But that's never the case...  In the rooms with carpet there's those little nail strips and we hate each other... All I have to do is pry them out but whoever put them in REALLY didn't want them going anywhere! They're a pain but I got our bedroom done thanks to our friends Autum and Bruce! She helped so much with Bjorn and gave me someone to talk to so it wasn't boring! When we ripped up the carpet in our room, we discovered they "tried" to fix the floor underneath with wood. We don't know how we're going to fix it. If it were level to the rest of the floor I wouldn't mind but it sticks up a bit, so our wood floor wont sit flush to the ground... Somehow we will figure it out.... I started on B's room and haven't even touched the guest bedroom yet... I always find myself sitting in the guest bedroom and thinking about everything that needs to be done. I think its because it looks like an actual room. It has paint, trim and carpet and although were not keeping the carpet in there, its a finished room. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and wonder what in the world I was thinking buying this place... It calms me down a little bit and takes me away from all the chaos of the rest of the house! Anyway... Bruce and Taylor ripped up the old laminate in the dining and living rooms. 
Theres that handsome man of mine doing work and asking if I was taking pictures of him... No honey I wasn't!! ;)

Thank you guys so much for helping! 

On Saturday we went and bought the flooring. We had to go to two different stores because that flooring is popular I suppose! We made it back to the house and our friend Aaron came out to help Taylor start the floor. I was so happy because I know Taylor... Haha! And Aaron is a carpenter and did all of the floors in his BEAUTIFUL house. They got the dining room done! 

So thank you Aaron for helping! We really appreciate all of our awesome family and friends who have offered to help us. We would be so lost! I cant believe how blessed we are :)
We bought the floor at Home Depot. Its called Traffic Master in Lakeshore Pecan. We loved all of the different textures in it and we needed something durable with Bourbon and Bjorn running around!

Bourbon loves the land. He made sure to mark everything sticking up out of the ground! Flowers, Trees, fence posts... Haha! Bourbon, Bjorn and I explored the land a little bit and there is TONS of wood left from the previous owner. I cant wait to make projects out of it. I have one in mind so stay tuned!!! There is also a couple pieces of furniture in the garage. It's like Christmas for me!! YAY!

After Aaron left, I took the babies back to my parents house and went back to help Taylor. 
We got half of the living room done. Laying the floor is easy, it's just the cutting that takes up time. But we're getting closer and closer each day. I hope we can move in a week!! Then I can relax and enjoy our little house! 

Have a great day!! 
-xo Savanna