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Days Three and Four

We've been working pretty hard the past few days. Everyone's exhausted so we called it an early day today. Yesterday we went shopping for cabinet hardware and some decorations.

 I got an old door I'm really excited about :)We wanted to replace the hinges on the cabinets because they were so rusty and dingy but we went to check them out and they were over $4 a piece! Woah... SO not in our budget so we picked up some heavy duty spray paint and hubs painted them...

We got the alpliances in last night! Yay! New appliances make my heart so happy... Heres my little corner so far! I'm trying to figure out what to do with those garden themed tiles on the backsplash. My Sister-in-law said to paint them with chalkboard paint and write little notes or recipes on them. I'm LOVING that idea :) I still need to paint under the cabinets. It's the first thing I see when I walk in and its starting to hurt my eyes!

We ended up having to re paint two bedrooms because the paint I got at the store ended up not being the same shade. We painted with one can and opened another can and somehow it's a little lighter. So we had to paint over it all which took up most of our time. And I had to touch up the cabinets today and put on all the hardware and hang them back up.

Thank goodness I had my awesome sister-in-law to help. I wouldn't have gotten those suckers up myself! So thanks, Kayla for the help! B may be cute but he makes putting hardware on cabinets very difficult! He just wanted to play :) I didn't mind. It's amazing what parents learn to do with one hand! In fact he's sitting on my lap right now trying to type. Haha!

 I just need to finish up the master bedroom and paint the bathroom. We don't have electricity yet so it's hard to see what you're doing in that bathroom! And I might be a little sick of painting... Ugh! 

Still have lots to go but we're moving along! 
Going to go make some pizza and relax with my boys...

xo Savanna