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Day Two

We got most of the painting done! I never thought I'd see the day. It was such a good day and were so blessed to have such amazing friends and family to help. They all did awesome! We got the kitchen, living room, b's room, laundry room and most of the cabinets done. We just need to finish up the trim, finish the guest bedroom and do the bathroom and master. After that we will go through and touch up any mistakes or missed spots. We're taking a break from painting tomorrow and we're gonna go shopping! Yes just what I need! Here's how it's looking now...

Living room... We also painted the mantle white and started on the trim.

Kitchen... I just need to add some poly and hardware to the cabinets and clean the floor up and then the appliances can go in! EEK!

Laundry... Remember that awesome green???

Dining room... In this picture it kind of looks the way it did before haha! But it's a much lighter shade of grey than before. Ew I GOTTA paint that front door!! :O

 It already looks so much lighter and brighter. I love it! Ahh.. I just cant wait for it to be done...  I hate clutter and chaos! I just need to be positive and remember we're one step closer thanks to our awesome group that came out today :)
Goodnight all!
-xo Savanna