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Faux Shiplap on the Fireplace for FREE - No "Shiplap" Required

Faux shiplap
Hello, friends! Happy beginning of the week! I'm super excited about this post because it's sooooo not something I thought I would ever do! I know. Dramatic. But I seriously never thought I would ever have an ounce of shiplap in my home. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some shiplap... but I didn't think I would love it in my home...

This fireplace used to have "wallpaper" above it and I absolutely loved it. It was totally me. You can see that post HERE. BUT... I didn't do my research and didn't know that temporary wallpaper shrinks with the temperature if you don't slightly overlap it and with it being a fireplace, it get's pretty hot back there so it started pealing and shrinking and separating and it just didn't look good anymore. I wanted a cheap and quick solution so I came up with this one...

shiplap over fireplace

brass candlesticks on fireplace

brick and shiplap fireplace

This solution is not only cute but it was FREE. It's probably free for you too if you have the items already (which you probably do) and if you don't it will cost next to nothing. Are you ready to find out the items you need to get this look?? Hmm?? Ready????

Items needed:

--Paint brush
--Straight edge (ruler
or if you're like me, 
A notebook)

YES I SAID SHARPIE! I drew this shiplap on my walls with sharpie.... Wow that just sounds ridiculous LOL!! Chip and Joanna Gains would NOT be impressed. All I did was paint the wall first, take my straight edge, and drew lines with the sharpie across making sure to keep it even. Obviously I waited for the paint to dry before going in with the sharpie. and that's it! So easy and quick and makes my fireplace look beautiful again.

faux shiplap sharpie

Woodstove as fireplace

shiplap and brick wood stove

simple faux shiplap

I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration! I feel like I'm always preaching this but you don't have to spend much to get the look you want! If you like shiplap but don't want to spend the money on it, PAINT IT ON! This is my motto for basically everything in life LOL 

Have a fantastic week, friends! 

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