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10 Very Common Household Items I Live Without

Hi all! This post is kind of a fun one for me because I've wanted to do it for a while. I sometimes wonder if because I don't see the need or purchase certain things at the store, if I'm normal? haha sounds silly. But there are a few very common things that people can't live without that I just haven't ever felt the need for. I'd love to know if you feel the same way! Somethings just aren't necessary! And as I'm going through this wanting-to-purge-all-the-things-and-live-simpler phase, I'm wanting to cut out some other things in my home that I pay for often that I think I can live without... I'll mention those at the end. SO, let's get into it!

Disclaimer: I'm not saying anything negative if you DO purchase any of the following. I'm just stating that these things aren't things that I find necessary in MY home and for my family :)

Here are 10 common things that I just don't ever purchase or use in our home:

1// Kleenex! I have NEVER found the need for this and it's something that a lot of people buy ALL the time! If I have an issue, I always just use toilet paper! Luckily my allergies aren't too terrible and I don't really find the need to be reaching for Kleenex for anything. Because I don't purchase this, I save some money and some counter space by not having a box of them sitting out.

2// Soda and Juice. I know, super lame. But my family has always just drank water and milk. They never really ask for much else, even my 3 year old! I'm thankful for that. On the rare occasion that we do have soda or juice in our fridge from a party or something, It ends up completely gone in just a couple days because my husband acts like it's some sort of ancient rare find that HE WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO ENJOY AGAIN SO HE MUST DRINK IT ALL IN ONE DAY! I just don't find that to be very healthy, so I just don't buy it and no one ever really misses it... Now, when I was pregnant with Rowen, well that was a different story #VanillaCokeEveryday

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3// A top sheet! Yall. This is a game changer. It is so unnecessary to me to have a top sheet. It's annoying at night and annoying while trying to make the bed and just doesn't make sense to me! I lost my top sheet in college when I was tired of it bunching up at the bottom of my bed and I never looked back. Try it... You'll love it. 

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4// Dryer sheets. My husband hates this one because he says my laundry detergent doesn't smell good and he wants his clothes to smell better bla, bla, bla. I do have some wool dryer balls that I've had for a while and I use them most of the time but because they're a ball shape and I live in a house full of boys, they tend to disappear at times. But I've never had any issues.

5// An iron. I have seriously never needed an iron. Maybe that makes me a bad housewife, but really. If I need to get wrinkles out, I just throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. Saves me time and does the same thing!

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6// A dish drying rack. I have been tempted to buy one of these everytime I see one but I just can't justify it. A teatowel does the job just fine.

7// Kid's clothes. This one is a little different because I just kind of got lucky... I kept most of Bjorn's old clothes. I'm a "if you don't use it get rid of it" type of person these days but I knew when I had Bjorn that I may have more kids so I just put the clothes I wanted in totes according to size and stored them away. I'm so glad I did because I havent had to buy a single item for Rowen yet. Not clothes, not diapers, not wipes. When you have a baby, EVERYONE buys you clothes, even when you ask them not to and I had a diaper party this time with Rowen and I haven't had to buy any diapers or wipes yet and I don't think I will for at least another 6 months. LUCKY

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8// Artwork. I can't say this is ENTIRELY true because I love to pickup vintage paintings when I see them but as far as artwork in frames to decorate my home, I won't ever purchase. I know its kind of silly because I'm working on making my own to sell but I have always just made the art in my home. Whether it be on the computer, hanging something that doesn't belong on the wall (lol) or framing a picture my son painted. I always get exactly what I'm envisioning while spending little to no money.

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9// Hair and skincare products. I know. I might get scolded for this one but I have never been a "product" type of girl. I love body sprays and lotions and I have WAY too much of that but as far as hair products and skincare go, I don't use any. Obviously I use shampoo and conditioner and hairspray occasionally but I find that coconut oil does exactly what I need for my hair and skin. I wash my face with a Norwex cloth and water and apply coconut oil to my face but not everyday (coconut oil actually cleared up my acne when I was pregnant with Bjorn) and I occasionally put coconut oil in my hair and leave it in for a few hours before I wash it. Adds back the moisture and makes it shiny.

10// Over the counter medicine. Now obviously I have pain relievers and cold and allergy medicine for my kids but as far as the Nyquills and Dayquills and stuff like that goes, I don't ever purchase it for myself and to be honest, I wonder if that's why I never get sick. I let my body fight off whatever sickness I may have and don't take over the counter medicine. Another obvious is if I am really sick, I'll get medicine from my doctor because I'm no doctor and feel they know best but as far as common colds and coughs go, no medicine necessary for me. I wanted to add this in because I know some people who can't live without these medicines! Including my husband when he's sick... Anyone heard of the man flu? ;P 

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A few things I would like to cut out:

Harsh spray chemicals
Plastic bags
Plastic wrap
Boxed foods and snacks 

I've already started making moves towards cutting these things out. Papertowels will be tough for my family. I don't use them much but they do all the time. The rest I don't use often and think I could make the switch pretty easily. The snacks would be hard for the kiddos. I want to do these things in an effort to live a more simple and healthy lifestyle for me and my family.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you too, live without some of these or if you have to have something I live without! It's fun to see how different we all are :) 

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