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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Eclectic Vintage Bathroom

Soooo... I'm a loser and totally realized that I NEVER showed our bathroom reno when it was all complete! WHAT THE... We re painted for like the 5th time, updated the faucet and completely redid the floor. I recently gave it yet another "refresh" by switching out the rug for my vintage runner I had in the kitchen. I love shopping my house when I'm feeling bored with my decor. Just trading out a rug can make the room look totally different! Let's go see what my bathroom looks like today...

If you remember, I did an inspiration board HERE for this room and it turned out better than I originally planned. I ended up painting it from NYPD blue to Texas Storm by Magnolia Home Paint. This is one of my absolute favorite colors. It's a very dark gray with just a HINT of navy in it which is what i originally envisioned in here but the NYPD color ended up more on the navy side than gray so I searched and searched and finally found the perfect color. I love it so much. It's also the color I painted the nursery. You can see that HERE. We got the tile from Home Depot and the faucet on Amazon. This is our only bathroom in this little house of ours. We're lucky it's so big and has a small closet inside for towels and extra things. This room is definitely one of my favorite renovations we've done here so far. Doing the tile was interesting. It was our first time tiling and we chose a pattern and stone that was definitely difficult but we figured it out.

All my moms out there know all too well that sometimes the bathroom is where we go to escape the kiddos, well maybe just me LOL but if I'm going to run away, I want the place I'm running away to to be beautiful right? If only it had a claw foot tub and a window... One day...

Here is the bathroom after we moved in... 

Here it is in between... 

And here it is now... Much brighter!

Most all the decorations in here are vintage so I don't have sources. The bread box on the counter holds my husbands everyday needs. It's way too hard to get put back into a drawer LOL or cabinet so it was always left on the counter. Putting this box here hasn't exactly solved that problem but it makes me a little less crazy because I just have to throw it in there when he's not around. We're getting there ;)

I got interrupted as I always do when I'm taking pictures. Someones excited for Christmas :P 

Welp that about sums it up friends. I hope you enjoyed and got a little inspiration for your own home. If you're feeling the want to go out and buy new decor, go shop your house first. Switch out a rug or some pillows. You'd be surprised at how much those little things can refresh your home and inspire you again.

Come be my friend!!

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