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Vintage Desk in the Living Room and Preschool Pictures

Hi Friends! Happy Monday... I actually don't mind Monday's anymore now that I have some extra time in the week at home. I used to feel so overwhelmed on the weekends trying to get stuff done before the new week when I worked full time but now I don't stress because I have two extra days to get those things done and blog more! So happy about that. Life has changed so much lately. Once kids get into sports and school it seems like all we do is run around ALL THE TIME TO EVERY PLACE EVER! I feel like a zombie. Props to all you parents out there!...

Speaking of school, my first little love started pre school this year.... he absolutely LOVES IT. He can't wait to go back every week and that makes me super happy because I thought for sure he would kick and scream and cry but on the first day he just walked right in like he owned the place. Almost forgot to say goodbye to me! 

They recently got their school pictures taken and I teared up when we got them back. He looks so grown up! I started thinking about how I'm going to keep all of these pictures of my boys. I want them organized and in order so I can just flip through and know who, where and when it was taken. I think i'm going to get a folder I can put clear pages in for the hard copies and then I recently made an email address for both of my boys (let's hope gmail doesn't go anywhere before they get old enough to use it) that way I can just scan or take a picture of each one, label it and send it to their emails. I'm also giving close family and friends the email addresses so that they can send memories and notes to them as well. I think on their 18th birthday I will give them the passwords. Sounds like fun to me! 

This little desk has been in my home for years and it was in my parents home before that. I love how dainty it is and the little flower detail on the corner. So cute and I love having a table when you first come into our home to drop school folders, mail, etc. Our home is very small as you know so I need all the designated spaces I can get. I keep envelopes, stamps, and thank you cards inside for easy access. This little chair is broken but it still serves it's purpose :P Everything on and around the desk is vintage except for the lamp and little pumpkins are from Target. The little thankful garland was a DIY you can find HERE and the candle holder was from bath and body works a looooong time ago.

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration today! I will be back Wednesday with another post for you. Enjoy your week and stay warm, friends!

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