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Old Lockers in the Kitchen - Our New Pantry

Lockers used as home decor This post has been a long time coming! I got these lockers a few months ago but never got around to posting about them. I did share a picture on my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK but wanted to share where I got them and how I decided on turning it into a pantry! I love this little corner even more now with these old green lockers. I've been trying to add in some color in my home and this muted green is definitely one of my faves...

Lockers used in the kitchen as a pantry

lockers as a pantry

Love them! Each one has something different in them. One holds Bjorn and our snacks, the next one holds Rowen's snacks and baby food, another holds all of our cereal and breakfast items and another holds all of our grilling stuff. The different sections help keep it all organized so it's not a jumbled mess. Also I can easily see what I'm needing and nothing gets shoved to the back like our old "pantry". 

Vintage lockers in the kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen with lockers

If you've read for a while, you know that this old house has no storage space. We have three very small closets in all of the small bedrooms but that's it. No pantry, so I've had to get creative over the years. I used to have a cabinet in our "big closet" (a small bedroom I turned into our Monica Geller closet lol) and it was just a pain to go in there every time to get something. I really wanted something in the kitchen and when my friend at work said she had old lockers in her grandpas garage she was GIVING AWAY I just had to have them. Her husband brought them to my work and loaded them up in the truck (this is why I drive a truck, yall ;)) 

Vintage lockers used as home decor

Lockers used as decoration

Green vintage lockers in a home

At first I was confused as to what I was going to do with them. I didn't originally think of a pantry for them. I was thinking about putting them in the laundry room, then my boys room, and then the pantry idea came up and I fell in love with it. I unfortunately had to take down my wine rack my husband made for me because this is the only spot they would work but I will definitely be bringing out that wine rack again later in life. 

Use lockers for a pantry in your kitchen

I can't believe I got them for free and they're the prettiest muted green color. They just make my heart happy! 

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration. I love using different items in my home and re creating them into something useful. Have a wonderful rest of your week, friends!

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Lockers used as storage in the kitchen