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April Favorites!

May... WHAT!? We're almost halfway through this year. Wild! Here are my favorites for the month of April... 

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First off, these are definitely my new favorite shoes. I've been wearing them non stop. They look super cute with anything... skirts, shorts, jeans, biker shorts, dresses... all of it!! They're laced up but I just keep the laces tucked in and slip them on. Perfect basic white sneaker!

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This umbrella is so dang cute!! I have it out on my back deck and it just made my outdoor space so much more inviting and fun. Its definitely a favorite for sure. 

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I call this jacket a "90's dad jacket" lol but its just an oversized, longer jean jacket and its so comfortable. My favorite way to wear it is with a t shirt, biker shorts and the white sneakers above. Perfect outfit for this weird midwest weather where you never know if it's gonna be summer or winter?! 

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This airbrush legs lotion is so good. I call it body makeup because it really is just that. I've gone through several bottles of it over the years and it's just the perfect instant tan. It's scary at first when you put it on because it does look a little orange but after you rub it in good, it just gives a beautiful glow to your skin. I use this when I'm in a hurry and want to wear shorts but my legs need a little tan. Instead of using self tanner, I just grab this and rub it on (with a tanning glove works best) and I have an instant tan and smoother looking skin!

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This back lotion applicator is so great for self tanner. It's pretty self explanatory but so so helpful for reaching your back. For the longest time I just wouldn't bother tanning my back haha because it was so hard to get all of it but this thing has changed the game for me. 

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This is another tried and true staple for me. I love this contour palette and have used this everyday for years. it's just the perfect color for contouring and the powder on the left is great for under the eyes. I also love how big it is because it lasts forever. Favorite cheap bronzer for sure. 

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That's it for April favorites!! I hope you enjoyed and got some tips. Happy almost May!

Love you, 

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