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Dining Room Bar

Happy Sunday, friends!! I hope yours is beautiful. We've just been taking it kinda slow this weekend. Going with the weather... Its been kinda gloomy so staying inside it is. Well, for me. My kids love to play in the rain but while they were doing that, I decided to switch some things up in my house...

It all started out with removal of wallpaper in my living room... I know, how does that turn into a bar in your dining room?? Well... I don't know. Haha but I do know that I started hanging a gallery wall in my living room and I took all the pictures from my gallery wall in my dining room to do so and then that area looked unbalanced so I took my entry way buffet table and put it in my dining room and made a whole bar out of it. I'm LOVING how it looks! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you probably saw the whole mess take place on stories. 

My original plan for this space has been to find an antique wood buffet table. Instead of waiting to get exactly what I want (cause I can't find one anywhere!!!) I decided to make this work for now. I do love how it looks and now know that the antique buffet is actually what I really want. Maybe writing it down in this post will bring it to me! 

Because there's so much going on with the bar I decided to keep the art above pretty simple. I had this painting from Ross (I believe) and I think it's the perfect scale for right above the bar and the pretty pink colors are perfect for spring. 

I'm loving how this bar is looking.  You can read more about my dining room HERE. How I re did this buffet table with paint and washi tape HERE and how I made this faux light fixture above the table HERE

I hope you got some inspiration for your own home from this post and I hope you have a beautiful week ahead!! Thanks for always stopping by to see what I'm up to. I appreciate you more than you know!
Love you, 

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