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My Thrifting List

Hello my friends! It's the weekend over here and we're getting ready to go on vacation which I'm SO excited about. My boys will be seeing the ocean for the first time and I cannot wait for it! If I could live at the beach I most definitely would. Maybe one day but for now I'm just over here blogging away about my house haha. I wanted to share a list with you of all the things I look for when I am going through the thrift stores...

These are all things I keep in mind to look for while I'm out shopping because they're things I feel like you just can't have too many of. Obviously I will sometimes find things that I just can't live without that aren't on this list but for the most part, if I'm not looking for anything specific, these are the things I keep my eye out for.

Frames and art

We all know I have a love affair with gallery walls. A good gallery wall just makes me so so happy and I've had several in my homes. I feel like you can just never have too much vintage, beautiful art in your home so this one is something I always keep an eye out for. I look for prints that either have a color scheme that goes with my house or is black and white. I look for florals or landscapes mostly and definitely don't pay much for them. If I don't like the art, I look at the frame. If the frame is good or paintable, the price is right and the print is easy to remove, I'll typically snatch it up and put another print in the frame. 


I am constantly on the lookout for a vintage rug. I have gotten a couple at thrift stores over the years. I always look for rugs that, again, have the colors of my home in them. I definitely look for styles that aren't "trendy" as in that style was popular at one time. I always try to go for the turkish or persian style rugs because they're just classic and I don't feel like they'll ever go out of style.


I have  a record player so not only looking for records that I can play but also looking for records that have a cool cover on them. I love decorating with records so I will look for black and white with a cool picture on it so I can add it to my (already very large) gallery wall.


I am always looking out for cool interesting lamps. Again, you can never have too many. I feel like they're great space fillers for tables, shelves, etc. Even if the lamp doesn't have a shade or if the shade is ugly, if it's a good price, I'll grab it and switch the shade out with another one (that's probably also thrifted).

Wood/Antique furniture

This one is something I don't look for too often because I already have a lot of furniture obviously but I still like to look out for it because sometimes you can find really beautiful real wood furniture for not much money. I like to look for chairs and side tables mostly but right now I'm in the market for a curved buffet table... Let me know if you find one in the KC area ;)

Brass candlesticks

This is something I really feel like you can't have enough of. If I see a brass candlestick, I'm probably going to buy it. They're great for space fillers or even doing a beautiful statement centerpiece on a table or on your fireplace. I just love them and feel like they're so classically beautiful


Can we ever have too many mirrors?? Maybe... but I'm not talking a regular plain mirror. When I look for mirrors I look for unique and detailed frames around them. The problem with this one is they're usually marked up pretty high so I don't get them often but when I do, they look like this. 


I love finding beautiful handmade pottery. It's just so unique and beautiful. If I'm looking for pottery I look for pieces I can either put flowers in or something that can just sit on a shelf by itself and still be unique and beautiful. I use pottery for lots of things. I have one in my bathroom for feminine products, I use it for utensils in the kitchen, vases for flowers or just a place to put extra change. Pottery can be used for lots of things so don't pass up a pretty piece if it speaks to you.

Outdoor furniture/planters

I always look out for outdoor furniture or planters. I've just found outdoor things can be so expensive brand new and what's the point when it's all going to just be put outside in the weather? I did buy some new outdoor things this year but I always look for used as well to keep a good mix. This year is the first year I've ever bought anything new for outside. I've always just found things for free or used. 


Vintage t shirts

I love me a vintage band T. They come in so handy. If I'm looking for them I'll typically go to the mens section and thats where I've had the best luck. They're larger and more the style I want. I grab them for mowing, throwing on with joggers and a hat for errands or sleeping in so I don't mind if they have holes or are super large. I like them better that way!

That's pretty much it! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own thrifting list! Thanks so much for always coming over here to support me. I hope you all have a beautiful week!

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!