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From Messy Playroom to Pretty Guest Bedroom : Before and After

Hi beautiful!!! I'm super excited to share this room today because it's been a hot minute since I have done a project. I got so tired of looking at this jumbled mess of a playroom. I made big plans to transform the playroom but then it never happened. I think that was for a reason. It was never supposed to be a playroom...

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Sounds dramatic I know haha but I was laying in bed one day and thought to myself "I need a guest bedroom"... Then the thought of hanging a bunch of bed frames entered my mind and then left when I was at Walmart and found the most beautiful curtain rod. I'm sharing this because I made a few mistakes along the way of transforming this room. Along with my curtain rod I picked up a bedspread. I quickly realized that bedspread wouldn't work (this is why I make mood boards). After finding some cute sconces and hanging them up only to realize they weren't going to work either, I went back to square one and where my heart is... eclectic, random shit hanging on the walls LOL. 

Here is the room before...

And here's the after...

All of the furniture and art I already had. This is why I hoard things hahaha not really but I do hold onto things a little longer than I probably should and in this case it was super beneficial. I redid an entire room for about $200 whereas if I didn't have the furniture it could have cost me thousands. The only things I bought was the wallpaper
pendant light over the desk
curtains and curtain rod
sconces that I didn't end up using 
and a bedspread I didn't end up using

This wall with the bed frames took a lot of my time. I did trial and error until I came back to this original idea and I'm so glad I didn't settle for the other design I had with the sconces and art above the bed. This bed frame gallery wall is perfect because it balances out the wallpaper wall on the other side of it. 

I made the light fixture out of an old lampshade I had in the basement. You can read how I did that HERE.

I'm absolutely in love with this room. My goal was to have a space that was calm and neutral and simple (LOL) and as I started going and strayed away from my style, it didn't end up working out. This is a lesson for me... to always just do ME. Once I allowed my eclectic, collected style to come out in here, I ended up loving it so much more. It's all about being true to yourself. 

I hope this inspired you in some way and thank you for always supporting this little blog of mine! It means the world. 

Sources: Affiliate links
Curtains: HERE
Curtain Rod: HERE
Wallpaper: HERE
Pendant Chandelier: HERE
Everything else: Thrifted, dumpster dived (LOL), side of the road, gifted.

Paint colors:
Walls: Benjamin Moore Ballarina White
Doors: Benjamin Moore Space Black
Trim: Sherwin Williams Alabaster

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