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End of Summer Kitchen Tour with Video

Hello, bestie!! Hope your weekend is going great!! I recently did a couple fun, easy switches in my kitchen and I thought I'd share them with you today! I spend seriously 90% of my time in the kitchen. I watch tv in there, fold laundry, do mom stuff... you know the drill. Its's important to me that it's a fun space! let's go see the updated tour...

I started out with these cute little champagne glasses for my bar cart over here. They are so The original "Great Gatsby" to me. I absolutely LOVE them. After I added them I decided my alcohol bottles needed classed up so I got these pretty faux crystal decanters. They're gorgeous and make such a difference! You can find the decanter's HERE and champagne glasses HERE.

I went to a cute light store recently with my dad to get a light for my parent's kitchen and I asked the girl if she had any globes for pendant lights for sale. I had two up here but they were really small and I wanted something bigger for how big my island is.  She said she had some in the back and literally gave me these two glass globes for FREE!!! I offered her money and she said nope just take them! SCORE!! All I did was unscrew the globes I had on and screwed these cuties on! I love the simple switch and I love the acrylic stools, big glass jar and glass globes together. Makes it bright and airy in here! Get my stools HERE.

No, I did NOT get the little boy fingerprints off the stools for you :P

I finally snagged this floral arrangement from Grace Wins Home and Studio in Downtown Excelsior Springs (I work there mmmmmk). A girl came in a couple weeks ago and got the same jar and arrangement and I just couldn't unsee it on my island so I decided to treat myself and get it today and GOURL. It's necessary!!!!

I also added these sconces next to my window. I originally got them for my guest bedroom HERE but I didn't like them in there. I decided to stick them here and I love how they add a little bit of sparkle to the kitchen. I just used the "magic light trick" by Nesting With Grace and it worked! See how made these work without wiring HERE and get the sconces HERE.

You can see the video tour of my kitchen HERE

Thank you so so much for stopping by to see what I'm up to! It means so much to me. I hope you got some inspiration for your own home and have a beautiful weekend!! 

Love you,

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