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Fall Dining Table Decor Sans Pumpkins

purple black and gold halloween dining room

Hiiiii friend!! Can you believe there's only 4 months left of this year?! I really honestly truly don't know where time has gone. It seems like just yesterday I told my 6 year old he had 90 days of summer and he's already back in school. I'm a summer girl so I'm kinda sad about it but I'm also a scatter brained crazy lady so change fuels me haha...

I like to get my fall decor out the day before school starts to give my son a little fun activity to do so he's not so sad about going back to school. I usually only get one box out so he can decorate just a tad and I don't get super sick of the decor too soon but I did throw together this pretty dining table and wanted to share because I did not use one pumpkin! I KNOW!!

wine black and gold dining room

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze

Black and gold dining room

moody fall dining room

I got this wine colored garland at Joann's the other day when I was picking out fabric for my chair (read about that HERE). I just had to have it. Plus it was on sale. I strung it across my table and added in some of my vintage candle sticks. I used black candles to give it more of a cozy fall look. Grabbed a vase and some stems I already had to match the mauvy purple theme and stuck in some sparkly stems I grabbed at At Home Stores. 

dark gray dining room

dark gray gold black dining room

urbane bronze gold and black

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze dining room

Black gold urbane bronze dining room

I love how it adds in some fall colors and cozy vibes without being all pumpkin-y. That's not a word but you get it. I'm just not ready for pumpkins yet. It's still 90 degrees here in KCMO. I  know... lots of you aren't ready for summer to be over but I like to do things a little early over here to give some inspiration for your home. And this one isn't screaming fall!

Red gold black fall decor

Urbane bronze walls and trim

black gold and purple fall decor

purple black and gold fall decor

purple black and gold

rectangle table fall decor

First fall post of 2021 in the books!! Have you decorated for fall yet?? Let me know on my socials!

Thank you all so much for stopping by. Every single page view means the world to me. Have a beautiful rest of the week!

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