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Colorful Farmhouse Fall Front Porch

Eeeeek I'm in love with decorating my front porch. I have always struggled with outdoor spaces. I just never had the vision like I do indoors. This front porch swing just inspired so much creativity for me though. Now my porch is one of my favorite spaces to style and I'm super pumped about it. As you all know, I don't like to use a lot of color in my home but I feel like I can bring more color outdoors with flowers and pumpkins. I'm really excited about this next fall front porch so lets go see it!...

If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen this old chair my husband got on the side of the road for me, along with other chairs, and it didn't have a cushion so I used it as a planter and I kind of love it. In that same pile on the side of the road, I also found this old wire lamp shade that I decided to put a plant in.

For some reason, one pot of mums is doing great and the other is not. Thankfully I got these pictures before the other ones completely pooped out on me... I don't know what happened. I absolutely DO NOT have a green thumb so everything dies on my porch but one pot of mums is doing great so maybe I was only meant to have one pot at a time haha it's easier that way too!

I wrapped the chain of the porch swing with jute cord that I got at our local farm store and it just completely transformed it. I'm so happy with how it turned out and lucky that I got enough because I didn't measure. I'm impulsive/ impatient like that.

I brought out some of my fake and real pumpkins. Most everything on this porch is thrifted so I cant really give a detailed source list but I will tell you where I got some of it below. I love decorating with thrifted or found items because I save SO much money. Trust me, I can spend some serious cash decorating, so the fact that I love thrifting is a blessing for both my wallet and my marriage!

I had so much fun decorating my porch again for fall. Now that I'm inspired to do the outdoor decorating thing, I'm excited for the seasons coming up and decorating outside.
I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home. I love coming on here and showing you my home and what I'm up to so thank you SO SO much for supporting it. Have a blessed rest of the week my sweets!!
xo- Savanna
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Source List
Banner: Target Dollar Spot
Aarow Pillow Cover: Amazon
Mugs: Target in Store
Straws: Target in Store
White Pumpkins: Michaels