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Vintage Inspired Table for Two

So recently my husband found these chairs on the side of the road for me. You can read more of the story here. These chairs inspired me so much to do a shabby chic vintage type of table setting...The tall chair was already white, the one on the left (below) I already had and the one on the right he found as well but it was brown. The bench I already had from a picnic table set my dad made. I painted them all white with my chalk paint score at Aldi and put them around the table. After I got the chairs around the table I was looking and thinking I needed a vintage inspired table setting with lots of candles. I went around and gathered up all my candle sticks and placed them in the center. I zoned out to some music and this is what came out onto the table. Sparkly, eclectic, vintage. I'm kind of in love...

I know what you're thinking... "is that a blanket on the table?" why yes, yes that is a blanket on the table and it's my favorite blanket of all time that I stole from my parents house ;)

I grabbed my little set of vintage blue and white china, and my ever so loved copper mugs, napkins and copper leaf napkin rings from Target.

All the candlesticks are thrifted. That black scroll thing (I don't have a better name) came off of a bench at my parents house that they were going to throw away. Crazy Savanna nearly had a heart attack when I saw that thing in the dumpster. So I snatched it up and it's been several places but this is probably my favorite place so far. The pumpkins are from Michaels and the pom pom garland I made.

I'm in love with the old worn out fabric on these chairs. He got me two more of the same chairs but they're black. One I will end up painting and putting at the table and the other one had a missing cushion so it's outside as a planter. I'll be doing another fall front porch so you'll see it then. And if you follow me on Instagram you'll be sure to see it soon!

I think it all started with that chandelier, you can read about it here
After I got that chandelier, it just transformed this room. I have to find one for our living room and then some big changes are going to come in there so stay tuned!
I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home. This blog has been such a fun experience for me and I'm so blessed to have met some amazing people along the way. I hope you continue to come back and see what I'm up to on a weekly basis and if there's anything you want to see from me, let me know in the comments below! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend, friends!!

xo- Savanna

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