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Fall Home Tour: The Kitchen

And my fall house tour continues with my kitchen... I'm super excited to finally be doing a house tour. As I said in the first part of the house tour, I never felt like my house was ready enough for one. I always want my house to look perfect and be exactly how I want it before I photograph it and put it on my blog. It takes me so much time to style a space because I constantly nit pick myself and what I'm doing...

Not that I don't think others will like it, but because I'm not fully satisfied. I have a high expectation for myself and I'm realizing that's an unrealistic expectation that I hold myself and my home to. I have dogs, a cat who just had kittens, a toddler, a full time job. I can't continuously expect my home to be perfect or "ready enough" for me to share pictures of it with you. My house will never be fully done. I know 20 years down the road we will be working on things around here and changing stuff around and I'm for sure not waiting that long to put up a house tour! Also, it's fun to look back and see how far I've come. Sometimes I'm shocked I even put those posts up! So until I can get new furniture, countertops, and floors... This is what you get and I'm pretty proud of how far this little farmhouse has come.

I didn't add a ton of fall décor in here but I did add some. I love candles in my kitchen, probably because I'm always in my kitchen... I got the candle holder on the island last year at Bath and Body Works. It's one of my favorite things. The pumpkins are from Michaels, the basket was given to me and the large white plate is from Aldi. I made the white pom garland with yarn and twine.

I got all the rugs from Aldi (I seriously love that store) the stool was thrifted, and you can read about how we made the range hood cover here.

I still need to finish my sticky tiles... But until then i'll just cover up the unfinished part with fall décor :D

I like to keep it simple in here and go crazy in my dining room. I took the shelf out of the window and holy moly it brightened it up so much in here. I love it without the shelf so much more.
I've been adding more gold and copper (two of my favorite colors) into my home and after I put up my chandelier in my dining room, the black light just didn't mix well. With the black cabinet pulls, and the black light, it started to look very masculine next to a very sparkly and girly dining room. I had to add some sparkle in my kitchen to compete with it and I'm loving it. I'm going to do another post and review on what I used to update a few things in my kitchen.
I hope you enjoyed this second part of my fall house tour and got a little inspiration for your own home. Thank you as always for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to over here! Enjoy every second of this beautiful fall season because it won't last long!! Have a great rest of the week, friends!!
xo- Savanna
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