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Target Inspired Fall Table for Two

Hello friends! I hope you had a very wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty productive, working outside and some inside. This month is the busiest month of all for us. Weddings, kids birthdays, festive parties, and my husbands birthday. So the fact that we were able to be productive and get things done around the house was a miracle. Every year we have a big Halloween party for my husband because his birthday is on Halloween, and you wanna know something funny? I hate Halloween...

It's my least favorite holiday (except for valentines day). There is no reason for my hatred for Halloween. I just don't get into it. I don't understand it. I hate dressing up in costume. Frankly it creeps me out. It's better now that I have a child but otherwise, I don't enjoy it. But of course we always have to have a huge party on my least favorite holiday for my husband and I'm fine with that. I'm going somewhere with this I promise.... Because I don't enjoy Halloween, I don't enjoy decorating for Halloween. I always get decorations for it but I put them in our garage for the party. I never really carry it inside. Last year I decorated just our bathroom and it was kinda fun. But this year I don't really want a lot of traffic inside. It turned into a mess last year.

With all of that being said, Target had the cutest stuff for Halloween and I got all my decorations there. I also picked up a few things for my dining room table. I'm doing another "table for two" using mostly Target finds! This one is my favorite so far so I hope you enjoy....

I found a lot of it in the dollar spot. Target is literally my favorite store. For everything. From cleaning supplies, decorations, kids clothes, my clothes, accessories. It's the best all around. I found this blanket scarf and it inspired everything. I found it in the dollar spot for $7! Of course I saw it and said "oooh perfect table cloth!" then read the tag to see the price and it said "blanket scarf"... Double win!

I was eyeing those string lights for a while. When I first saw them, they only had copper which looked pretty pink. I loved them but the husband was with me that day so he wasn't as excited about them as I was. The next time I hit up Target, which isn't often because I get myself in TROUBLE, good thing I live 30 minutes away from the closest one. Another perk about living in the country, less money spent. But when I did go I saw they had gold ones. I had to snatch them up!!!
The pumpkins are from Michaels, the tray was thrifted, and the amazing stick is from my parents house. Yes I get excited about sticks.... That vase was on sale at Target and I wish I would have gotten more in different sizes.

The dollar spot also had those adorable banners on my china hutch and those cute grey tulle poofs. I tied some to a banner and tied some to my amazing stick. They just add so much for not a lot of money. That's how I like it.

The pitcher, butter dish and "gather" placemat are from Target. Same with the straws, pillows on the chairs and big clips. The tray on the bench was thrifted and the hand towel is from Tuesday Morning.

In one of the banner packages from Target, they intended for you to put these burlap squares on the banner. I decided I didn't want them on the banner and would find another use for them. I made little clip boards with clips from the dollar spot and a piece of paper that say "you" and "me". I thought it fit the theme and was kind of adorable to boot.

The bowls are from Target along with the silverware.... Goldware???? Whatever you wanna call those. I've wanted gold utensils for a long time and when I saw Target had them for $2 a piece, you know I had to get me some. Anything gold or copper has my heart. The gold flaked cups are form Starbucks, the napkins and napkin holders are from the dollar spot and the plates were thrifted.

Navy blue, gold, white, copper, Target.... This is definitely one of my favorite posts. My husband always makes fun of me because I don't like color. I don't do well decorating with color. I would just rather keep it neutral so the fact that I added in some color is rare, even though the colors I used are pretty neutral, but I kind of love it and want to work more with color in my designs.

I hope you enjoyed my second "table for two" and liked the colors I added. Color is rare for me but after doing my bathroom I have started to incorporate some more color into my life. Especially navy blue! Thank you as always for stopping by to see what I'm up to. I really appreciate it and wish you all the best this week!!
xo- Savanna
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