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Eclectic, Vintage Inspired Bathroom Update for $100

I know, this is so not "Savanna". Savanna's favorite color is white, she loves claw foot tubs and chandeliers.  She's terrified of color and beige ceramic tile. This bathroom is everything I don't "love". But I love this bathroom...

This bathroom came about because my husband got tired of the no color policy in our house. He decided he wanted some color so I originally bought a red rug and painted the whole room white. I had this vision in my head that un fortunately didn't come to life. You can read more about the beginning of this bathroom makeover here

I started painting the cabinet and took all the doors off to paint, put them back on when they were dry and decided I liked it that way. It's different, and that's what I was going for. I also painted the hardware gold.

We settled, finally, on a color and originally I didn't love it. But the more I come in here and add different pieces of décor, the more I grow to love it. It's a bold move for me but I'm glad we decided to go with a fun color. It adds color into my house for my husband, while still keeping with the style I love. Eventually those tile floors will come up and I will get my claw foot tub. But until then, this is what I got and I'm ok with that.

I chose a boho/eclectic/farmhouse vibe for in here. I have boho touches throughout my house but I thought I would go all out in here (as much as I could) Most everything in here is thrifted including the mirror, frames, and jars. The large towel hanging up is from Amazon here and the hand towels are all from Tuesday Morning.

We put up the bead board wallpaper and made the baseboards from old barn wood. The shower curtains were curtains from my bedroom that we already had but they are from Ikea.

The pictures and crochet shawl I turned into a curtain for our shelving are from my grandparents. I just hung the shawl from a stick I found outside (lol) and some curtain hooks from Walmart in store. The bird picture is just printed off of the internet, and the rug is from Aldi (believe it or not). Every time I go into Aldi I find something great. I love that store.

I brought in some of my white pitchers and filled them with sticks from our yard. I love doing this in the fall. It's free and looks beautiful.

I really hope you enjoyed this little bathroom makeover. We spent just under $100 for everything. That just goes to show you don't have to spend a lot of money to make a big change in your décor. Paint goes a long way people. I think the major changes were in the paint and the mirror. If I would have kept our old builders grade mirror it just wouldn't have been the same. By the way, that builders grade mirror broke in half when we took it down. Those things are tricky!
I hope you got some inspiration for your home and decide to go outside the box a bit in your décor. Bathrooms are a great place to add a bold statement you wouldn't usually add into your home. Thank you as always for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to! Have a great week, friends!!
xo- Savanna

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