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Inspiration Sheet Series: Rustic, Western Inspired Kitchen

A very special couple has recently asked me to help them with their kitchen. I'm so excited about this because this kitchen has needed some serious lovin for a long time! They built their house in the 80's and the only thing's they've changed in the kitchen has been the floor, appliances and hardware on the cabinets. The counter tops, backs plash, lighting, and cabinets are all original. Now i'm all about salvaging old things, and bringing them back to life....

But bright yellow laminate counter tops.... I just cant. Luckily they already have black hardware on the cabinets and I can just paint the cabinets. These two special people have land in New Mexico. They've been going there for years and have brought back so many beautiful trinkets and accessories. They have done a lot with the rest of their house over the years and have gotten all of their inspiration from the beautiful scenery and southwestern decor that's in the little shops there. I am so excited for this project because I love this style of decor, but as I said in the last Inspiration Sheet post, it would look silly in my little farmhouse. I'm also excited because it's my parents house! Now all of that bashing their counter tops and back splash is ok right?? Love you mom and dad! 

With this one I went for a more masculine color scheme but still keeping it light with the white cabinets, gold flatware, and lots of greenery. They already have a rug from New Mexico that is similar to this one, so I plan on stealing it from the living room and putting it in here. They have raw wood cabinets, I plan on painting to lighten it up. There is no natural light in their kitchen. If it were up to me I would remove the wall from the kitchen to the living room to bring in more natural light, but that's not my business.... They mentioned they wanted a black sink and threw the wood counter top idea out. I loved it and instantly got the vision in my head. I added the copper faucet to add some sparkle and the horse painting would look beautiful in the little cut out above the sink. My mom is a horse lover to the core. They still have track lighting from the 80's and they don't know it yet, but its coming down :)

I hope you enjoyed the second Inspiration Sheet in my series. I love to do these and I'm going to be giving one away on my Facebook so look out for that!! If you're having trouble with a space and are wanting to order one, shoot me an email and I'll give you all the details!  Detailed source list with links is down below. Have a wonderful rest of the week, my friends!!! 

xo- Savanna

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-Source List-

Counter top: Ikea

Rug: Rugs USA

Light: Overstock

Horse canvas: Zazzle
Faucet: Home Depot

Black dinnerware set: Target

Gold flatware: Target