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Adding Copper and Gold into My Kitchen- Rub n Buff Review

Rub n buff autumn gold
Hello all! I have a short little post for you today about how I added some sparkle into my kitchen. After I got my chandelier in my dining room, my kitchen looked somewhat masculine with the black light, black cabinet pulls etc. I originally thought I would spray paint everything. I currently have an obsession with all things gold and copper... It's a problem...

But luckily my husband doesn't notice anything new that I do in the house so I'm able to feed my addiction and live happily in a copper, gold and chalkboard covered home. Now as I said, I was going to spray paint everything so I got myself some copper and gold spray paint. I started a while back with the cabinet pulls and if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you remember my poll I took asking if I should keep the cabinet hardware black or change it to gold. Gold won by a couple and I was super excited. If black would have won I probably would have still painted them down the road... I used spray paint for those and they're holding up great but I wanted to change my faucet and light too and spray paint would require me to take the light down and the faucet off, not happening. I love a good diy but that's just too much for me. I would have to get the husband involved because last time I tried to take a light down I electrocuted myself... And plumbing?? Hahahahahaha.... Also, I spray painted a candle holder with the copper and I wasn't a super huge fan of the color. It's very dark browny copper if you know what I mean. So I had heard about this product called Rub n Buff... I got to searching the internet and found some for a decent price here on Amazon. They had all kinds of colors, I wanted copper. Like shiny penny copper not brown rusty copper. They have a copper one but this Autumn Gold one looked more like the color I was looking for and boy was I right. 

When it came in the mail I got nervous because it's such a small tube. I thought for sure I would need to purchase a few more but I got impatient and I started with the light. I just used some paper towels, squeezed a small amount on the paper towel and rubbed it all over the light. I wanted it to look antique so I didn't worry about a super clean application. I left some spots lighter to show the black underneath. I didn't even make a dent in the tube because you need so little product. I covered this whole light and the faucet and still have over half a tube left. 

autumn gold rub n buff

I'm so so happy with how it turned out. It brightens up my kitchen so much and looks so nice with the grey cabinets. Also it doesn't have to compete so much with my chandelier in the dining room. They go together so nicely now. I'm debating taking it up to the black part on the ceiling. Let me know what you think I should do! 

Autumn gold rub n buff

Like I said before, I also painted my faucet. Faucet's are so expensive (especially the one that I want) but the brushed nickel just didn't go with my kitchen at all. I have nothing in my home that is brushed  nickel so I decided to try out the Rub n Buff. I was super nervous because it's a faucet, it gets wet. But anything was better than what it was before.. So I got to buffing.... I was totally right about the water, it leaves water marks which I don't mind because I love old antique looking copper but I do have a tiny problem. The handles and anywhere on the faucet you touch a lot, it rubs right off after a few turns of the knobs. I've applied a second coat to them and I already need to do another one. It's not terribly noticeable but it's a little disappointing. I should have researched a little more. So if you're looking to update your faucet, Rub n Buff is not your friend. If you're looking to update a light, Rub n Buff is your BFF!! 

autumn gold rub n buff faucet

Rub n buff copper light fixture autumn gold

I hope you enjoyed this little review on Rub n Buff and what you should and shouldn't use it on. I just wouldn't use it on things you touch a lot because it does rub off over time. After I did both of these I went around my house to find other things to Rub n Buff but luckily I was able to contain myself and put the stuff down. I don't need my house looking like King Tuts palace. But the small updates I did, make such a huge difference. Here's a before... 

And after... I wish you could see the gold more in the pictures because it really does make a huge difference... 

autumn gold rub n buff kitchen light

Have a great rest of the week, friends!! 

xo- Savanna
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