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5 Steps for Decorating a Coffee Table

Happy new week, friends!! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and did what you wanted to do! I had a good one. The weather here was remarkable. I love cool breezes coming through my house so I for sure had all of my windows open and kept myself busy (no I didn't rip out our bathroom floor although it took some talking myself down). I did some re decorating and decided I'd share it with you...

I have never shared in detail how I decorate my coffee table. I'm not going to lie, typically it's covered in toys and remotes because this and the kitchen are the heart of our home. This is where my family loves to come and play and unwind from the day. I'm usually always in the kitchen because you know, wife and mom, but I love looking in here watching my family at night. Moving our house around was the best decision we've made in this old farmhouse so far. 

When I had a few minutes this weekend I styled my coffee table with my go to tips when I have company coming over and this is what I came up with. 

I need to learn how to make a GIF because that would be super fun for this but I just took pictures of the process... Are you ready?? Here we go!

1. Texture:
I added texture by putting a Turkish towel I had onto the table and scrunching it up a bit. You can also use a runner or a large mat. This step isn't always necessary but I love to add more when I can. "More is more" in my opinion ;)

2. Ground your accessories:
Using a tray or a large plate or mat unifies the accessories on the table. If you just added the accessories on the table, it would't look cohesive and it would look like you just put things on your coffee table. Which you are, but they look more unified with a tray. You'd be amazed at how adding a tray or something to ground you accessories would do. Much like an area rug, it just completes a space and brings everything together.

3. Reading material:
I love seeing a good coffee table book in someones home. It adds interest and height to the table while also looking beautiful. I've added my favorite home decor book for height and separation for the items to come. You could also add a stack of your favorite magazines. 

4. Greenery:
Whether it's in the summer or winter, greenery is always a go to! Always add greenery where you can, real or fake. I have a tall vase to add some more height with a stem from a rose bouquet my husband got for me and a faux succulent in a copper mug from the Target Dollar Spot. It adds color and is also timeless and still neutral. 

5. Warmth:
I love having a candle (or multiple) on my coffee table. It adds a comforting and inviting feel to your living room. I put a bunch of my candle sticks in a large jar and it just completed the look and balanced out the height on the left side. A simple candle would work too, but if I used just one candle, I would put the small succulent and the candle on the book to visually even out the weight on the table. The height of the vase and two small items will even each other out and look more balanced. 

I'm not gonna lie, not long after this I moved all the furniture in here.... I'll blog about it later, but man do I ware myself out, haha! I live out in the middle of no where so just to go to Walmart is 20 minutes away. It's not exactly convenient for me to go get things I need to complete a project. I also babysit on most Saturdays so I should get all I need during the week but having a full time job and two part time jobs, doesn't really allow for much extra time during the week. So with that being said, I got ancey and started moving furniture around... More on that later! 

I'll talk more about why I changed up my living room and what my plans are for this room in my up coming post. I hope you all enjoyed these simple tips on decorating your coffee table. I love sticking to these steps in every season because it always works. Thank you as always for stopping by and seeing what I'm up to over here. Have a wonderful week my friends!! 
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