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Bathroom Plans

Ok peeps. I've had a pretty busy weekend. I stayed home for most of it and it was fantastic and I got a lot done. I'm sitting here thinking of how blessed I am. I don't thank God enough but I have everything I could ever need. Shelter, food, companionship, a great job, creativity, and the list goes on. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in other people. It's true, I do too. I'm human. But sometimes I sit back and think of how sad it is. We should be our own people, living our own lives, who cares what Sally up the road says. I'm making a point here, I promise...

I've always been such a push over. Listening to what others say and taking everything to heart.
What does this have to do with my bathroom makeover you might ask? Everything...

I'm tired of pleasing everyone. I'm tired of conforming to a certain type of decor because it's popular. #pushover. Sure I love the color white, but I also love the color pink and I've let it come into my house this year and It's so me and so fun. I have come a long way in my decor style in the past year and I'm pretty proud of it. I put things on walls that probably shouldnt be on walls and that's ok.

 I have always loved interior design. As a little girl I would make over my room over and over. I moved my bed I don't know how many times. I probably drove my parents crazy. While most kids were watching Micky Mouse, I was watching and admiring Candice Olson. My point is, I'm different, my house is full of different styles. I'm still finding myself...


I 100% found who I was when  I lived in California. If you're new here, my husband and I lived in California for -him 4, me 2 years while he served in the Marine Corps. I found myself there. We were just sort of starting out, we had a little one bedroom apartment we paid way too much for, and we lived like a couple of newlyweds (which we were) that couldn't afford to buy our groceries at times. We made a few friends, some lifelong friends, went on spontaneous trips and came back more broke than we were when we left and I had the time of my life. Some of my best memories were there. Just me and Taylor. We knew each other and ourselves more than we knew anything. I knew who I was!

Towards the end of our romantically fun honeymoon living in California, we found out we were pregnant, the best day (besides welcoming him in to the physical world) of my life.

After we had our son, I have since found myself not knowing who I am anymore. I have lost myself again. I get so wrapped up in the full time job working, part time job working, trying to start my own business, wife and mama life, I forget where my wallet is, to wash my hair, put on make up. I'm a mess. Good thing is, I know I'm not the only one and I'm happy to accept that it's a part of motherhood. Luckily I have found outlets that let me express my creativity and see how other's are living and to know, I'm not alone. This is normal. I am normal. This blog is part of that. I am finally letting my guard down. Incorporating things in my home that just plain make me happy even if others don't understand it. I feel, I deserve that. It's security for me.

I've been going through my home and picking out things that DON'T make me happy, and giving them away to someone who will appreciate it and gain some happiness from it.

ENOUGH WITH THE RANT! Here are our bathroom plans.
You can see what our bathroom currently looks like HERE

And here is what it will look like very soon.

1. I'm going to make the curtains. I already have the white curtains, I'm just going to attach some pom pom fringe to the sides.
 2. I painted a stool I already had with the color Mystic Sea by Valspar.
 3. We bought the tile and hooks from home depot We've never done tile before so it will be interesting. Luckily we know some construction friends who can guide us but it will sure be fun to learn!
4. We already have the towels. They are from Amazon.
5. I already have the mirror. I scored it at a thrift store. I also have the deer head I found two small ones at Target and my walls are already painted blue. The paint color is called NYPD by Behr.
6. I'm going to paint our vanity white and replace the top with wood and a square sink.
7. I also already printed off the floral picture and put two of them in some Target frames.
8. I'm going to add some little doors to our weird cut out that used to be a window before the previous owners added on to our house. Right now I'm covering it up with one of my grandmothers old crochet'd scarves.

I can't wait to get it all done. Once the tile goes down, its gonna be done pretty quick. Also I'm still figuring out what I want to do with the wall behind the toilet. They took the tile up the wall.... Not sure why but it may stay until I can figure out what to do.

I love marble, pom pom curtains, and the color blue. I'm happy to say my bathroom will be full of things I absolutely love. That's something I should be proud of.

Thank you all for reading and seeing what I'm up to. If you made it though this long post, God bless your soul. Have a fantastic rest of the week, friends and I cant wait to come back and show you our newly renovated bathroom!!
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