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Spring Inspired Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Happy Monday, Friends!! I hope you're adjusting well to this time change. I for one, am not.... I was exhausted today. It took everything I had to get out of bed to go to work. But I survived and was actually pretty productive. Probably because we're so busy at work right now, I don't really have a choice...

I thought I'd share my open shelving for my kitchen. It's seen lots of changes but I had a lot of fun styling it for spring. I've found the easiest way for me to design a space is to take everything off and only put back things that make me happy. Since I've been purging my house, a lot of what is left over goes to Goodwill and it feels so refreshing. I've started doing this in a lot of spaces in our home and I'm loving it.

Most open shelves in peoples kitchens hold everyday items like dishes etc. and I do have everyday open shelving by our cabinets but this one holds my "props" I guess you could say for my table settings, pretty dishes I don't want used everyday, items I use to style spaces in my home for taking pictures... I love this space because I'm always taking things off to use in blog posts, so it never looks the same. The chest below is storage for my wax warmer obsession, my table cloths, cloth napkins, Tumblers, and I have a junk drawer in there too but we won't talk about that...

For this I got out all my pink tulip dishes my grandmother gave to me along with some other vintage flower pieces I found at thrift stores because I know this season I'll be styling with them a lot. Everything else pretty much stayed the same on these shelves except for the things I got rid of. I like to keep my extra candle sticks, candle stick holders HERE, cake stands and pitchers on here for easy access when styling. Also I can't just hide them away in a cabinet... For one, I have no cabinet space left and two, they're way too pretty.

You've probably seen most of these pieces in past blog posts... The canisters on the top are actually used (rarely because I don't like to cook) and I still need to paint on them what's actually in there. I painted them recently because they needed freshened up. They're the mint canisters from Pier One and I've had them FOREVER. I painted them an almond color and left the tops silver for a long time and just recently painted them white and painted the tops gold. More my style... they'll be cuter once I get the words on there but until then, this is what we have.

This is how often I change things up In my house. Not long ago I shared our snack bar HERE. It was on this chest. The shelves I've always used for my pretties, but the chest goes back and fourth between functional and not so functional. Even though I'm purging, I've started running out of places to store my pitchers and bigger items. I used to keep them in our china cabinet, but that is now in our storage room until I can find something to do with it. It's surrounded by junk right now so it's not exactly easy to get to. This was the most practical spot for me.

Welp friends that's all I got for today. I hope you enjoyed and got some spring inspiration from this! I am so sorry I totally spaced putting up a Friday Feature last week! I've been so busy it didn't even cross my mind.... But this week I have something fun to share with you so look out for that on Friday!! Have a good one, friends!!

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