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Spring Living Room Update and Refresh

Ok I know I just did a living room post, but I just had to share my crazy with you. In my last post HERE I told you that shortly after I took those pictures, I moved the furniture around in my living room. I didn't move my actual Living Room though so you should be proud of me... My husband always likes to comment "pretty soon our living room will be in our kitchen and our kitchen will be in our bathroom" first of all.... EYE ROLL... Second of all, Gross...

I LOVE our living room being in here. It's so much more functional but I wasn't loving the furniture placement. There are only a couple options when placing couches in here and this is the best I could come up with. To the right, there are french doors that lead to a now storage room (temporary) but used to be our bedroom and our TV is on that side and there is an awkward corner wall over there so this is really the only side to put furniture. BUT the reason why I didn't do this to begin with is because behind the little couch is a floor vent. The only one in this room so it's not an ideal place to put a couch. I just moved it away from the wall a little bit and I'm hoping that'll help but I have a different plan for that little couch. I'll get to that in a minute. Originally I had the couch in the corner like this

It was fine like that but something was just bothering me. I moved it over to be more square and and functional and I love it so much more. It doesn't look like the furniture is squished anymore.

I switched out my big beautiful aztec rug that is seriously one of my favorite things ever for this smaller one I found at Five Below. Have you been there? Dig deep enough and there's some pretty cute home decor... But don't worry! I just moved my big aztec rug into our kitchen. Yes our kitchen. It's under our table and i'm in love with it in there. I can't stand looking at my old dingy broken kitchen tile anymore so I had to do something before I lose it a and demo everything. This is helping a little. I'll share more on that later...

My plan for over here where the little couch is, is to put two chairs. When I mention wanting chairs instead of one of the couches, Taylor always gets concerned about seating because we love to entertain so he's always loved having two couches but I hate it. And now that our living room is smaller, it's very crowded. Also but this couch only seats two so I feel like I'll win this one. I mean, I win them all because I just do it when he's not looking and typically he doesn't even notice, but anyway...

I was also worried about that corner where my sewing machine is because it's such a big space to fill since the couches are fairly small but I think it worked out ok. I didn't like the sewing machine right by the door because I always wanted to decorate it but it's such close quarters and kids come running in and out, things would fall off all the time. Also it became a dumping ground for little things like keys, wallets, phones etc. 

I moved my silly lamp on this side. You can read about how I made it HERE. This side never had a table because before, the couch was up against the wall and so no one ever sat on that side of the couch. Silly the things I pay attention to... But it definitely needed a little table to make it feel not as crowded so I'm glad this one worked. 

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this living room update! I know i'm cray cray and that's okay-kay. Like that? I'll stop. I'm tired. Have a wonderful rest of your week and as always, THANK YOU for stopping by. It means the world to me!! 
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