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Friday Feature: Tile!

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Happy Friday, friends!! It's time for another feature and this one came to me after I went out and bought tile to re do our bathroom floor... We have never tiled before so it should be fun. Who knows when it will get done, but for now it's sitting in our bathroom staring at me as I pretend the whole floor is done and I have the bathroom i've always wanted...

Ok, so we're gonna start this thing off with a kitchen designed by the one and only Emily Henderson. She is such a huge icon to me and this blue kitchen has me dreaming... She can make everything work. I would be afraid the blue cabinets and bold tile would be too much, but somehow, it just works. This patterned tile trend is amazing. Typically I don't get on the trend train, shiplap never really caught my attention. I love shiplap in old homes and when it's used correctly meaning it looks original to the home but just doing one wall, is super trendy and doesn't do much for me. Patterned tile on the other hand.... 

6 Tile trends for 2017:

This mix of patterns is so amazing to me. I would love to do this in a small space to make a big impact. An all white bathroom perhaps.... Hmm. Love it!

Discount Glass Tile Store - Marrakesh Light Grey Mix 8"x 8" Designer Matte Finish Tile Collection $3.98 per square foot, $3.98 (http://www.discountglasstilestore.com/marrakesh-light-grey-mix-8x-8-designer-matte-finish-tile-collection-3-98-per-square-foot/):

This next tile is so super adorable and so inexpensive! I see it all the time and it reminds me of Nicole Curtis every time. I remember one of her first episodes, she put this tile down in one of the bathrooms and it was just so beautiful and classic to me... I really wanted to maybe put this in our bathroom in our home but my husband wasn't a huge fan. I had already picked out our tile but on our way out I saw this one and what really sold me was that it was a third of the price of what we already picked out. Still, husband wasn't impressed. Imagine if I said I wanted to put the mixed patterned tile in there. HAHA! I'll probably have to sneak it inside and install it myself, but it will happen someday though. Oh you just wait.

Farmhouse Bathrooms:  Tons of amazing farmhouse bathrooms full of inspiration:

You can't forget classic subway tile. I've always dreamed of an entire wall of subway tile, floor to ceiling. It's just so classic and beautiful and works in any style home. That peek of clay tile on the floor is making me want to see way more of this bathroom... Excuse me while I go creep for it...

Bright White Bathroom, Double vanity, tile wall:

Ok I'm back and I couldn't find it.... AGH! This picture was found on Pinterest and the site is no longer available.

Next up isn't exactly a tile, but It functions sort of the same way. I love seeing brick floors in homes. It's so rustic and charming. I would love to have brick floors one day. We've toyed around the idea of putting a brick pathway outside our home now so we will see how or if that turns out.

As Farmhouses become more and more popular once again, we are seeing a lot more interior brick pavers. Of course, this look is not ...:

This bathroom is just so charming and cute, I just had to throw it in here.

White-Painted Bathroom Siding. Accent Wood Mirror. Brick Paver Floor. Bannister Custom Homes.:

Last we have marble tile. This is by far my favorite... It's so clean and classic and comes in so many different patterns to fit any style home.

A brass and lucite towel holder lines a glass and marble shower enclosure filled with white marble tiles lined with a brushed brass shower kit alongside a white marble herringbone tile shower floor.:

Last weekend we bit the bullet and purchased tile for our bathroom. I was originally imagining a hexagon small tile in there. I wen't looking and came across a herringbone pattern. I instantly fell in love and the husband approved. We got it and we're just waiting to install it.... I'm afraid it will sit in the boxes forever. We had a construction friend come over to help us determine the issue with our foundation. The tile in our bathroom and kitchen now are cracking and coming up. Taylor and I thought it was because the foundation was bad because our bathroom slants, and our kitchen is shaped like a bowl. #OldHouseProbs... We wanted someone to come look before we went laying tile because we don't want it to crack. Our friend told us he didn't see any issues with the drywall cracking so that led him to believe when they added on our bathroom in the 50's, they added it on crooked to match the rest of the already settling home. EYE ROLL! BUT that meant there wasn't much settling and he said the tile was cracking because it wasn't installed right. They put it right on the sub floor rather than putting down wonder board... Big words... Meaning we need to lay down wonder board before laying tile. So glad he came over to help because we wouldn't have known that part. We won't know for sure whats up with the foundation until we can get someone to crawl underneath our house to look. But until then, I have a patch of my pretty new flooring sitting on my bathroom floor. I can pretend right??

Marble Love

So many pretty marble options. I still love the hex tile but that herringbone is just awesome. I've always loved the herringbone pattern and when you mix in marble, it's what my dreams are made of, peeps.

Here is the tile we purchased for our bathroom. I can't wait to see it in! After that, the vanity and sink! WEE!!!

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This is a picture I posted a couple days ago. It's still laying there on the floor, staring at me... I'm super excited to have it done. Doing the work, not so much. But hey, I'll learn a new trade! We've never laid tile before so it should be interesting. We've put down laminate, but this is much different...

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and as always thank you for stopping by to see what i'm up to!

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